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Does my co-worker have a crush?


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About two months ago, the school that I work at hired a new and younger female teacher who I share a room with and work closely with.


Since then, we’ve become very good friends and very effective partners. From a work standpoint, we're always sharing ideas and giving each other advice and occasionally venting to each other about problems at work. Most of the time, we end up staying later than most of the other teachers at our school.


Recently, I’ve began to notice some no so subtle signs that my new co- worker might have a crush on me. She's always spraying herself with body spray whenever she's around me. Sometimes she'll leave the room to go to the copier or get something from another classroom and come back smelling of perfume. Even though she's friendly with other teachers at our school, she said that I'm the only one who she considers to be a friend and defends me when other teachers say anything remotely negative about me. She's more open around me than any other co-worker and admitted that she really feels comfortable around me. She also admitted that she gets a little lonely whenever I leave a little earlier than her.


Recently, we've began hanging out and doing out schoolwork together outside of school, sometimes for hours. I think she might be attracted to me and I'm also attracted to her but outside of school, she has a boyfriend and I recently began a new relationship. In fact, when she found out about my new girlfriend, she seemed a little disappointed. I'm not about to breakup with my current girlfriend to pursue her, since that wouldn't lead to anything and I don't want to do anything that would mess up the work partnership that we do have, since I think the whole attraction/chemistry we have for each other is what makes our work partnership work so well. If something were to happen though, I would wait for her to make the first move, just to be 100% sure.


Do you think she has a crush on me? How would you handle it?

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It sounds like you both have a crush on each other. I would not do anything since you're both in relationships right now. But if there's a time when you're both single, I would recommend a nice romantic date with wine, good food and some hand holding and see where it goes from there. I would not wait for her to make the first move. Even in this day and age girls are just plain reluctant to do that. In fact, some girls might say she's already made the first move, with the perfume, the smiles and so forth.

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