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I don't know to feel right now....


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So today has been a pretty weird day, but what tops it all off is the fact my girlfriend has opened up to me about something that's been bugging her and something that caused it to trigger her. Currently we are both juniors in college with Homecoming coming up this weekend, unfortunately we will not be able to go due to other factors at play and with this being our first year at university since we both are transfer students. Anyways, as everyone knows that homecoming week is full of events and different activities each day. Well today she overheard some of her peers within her class about this huge event going at the arena on the campus and she hinted and implied to me that she really wanted to go to it since it started at 7 and my class finishes up at 6:50. So I told her I would think about it, mind you she doesn't drive yet I do all of the driving(not complaining just letting you guys know). Today my class had a lab assessment that really fried my brain and I really wanted to go home right after and just relax and she was really upset that I told her we couldn't go to it. She tried saying its fine but eventually cried about it later once we got home closer to her house. I told her I was tired out, plus I have a 9 am lab the next morning and another test to study for so I wanted to have as much down time as I could before I could study, plus it is my mom's birthday too. But the entire car ride she was just upset and talking to her was just making things worse because she told me that she rarely ever gets to go out have fun often or even go out to parties. She feels as though that she hasn't lived to the fullest, and always brings up about how I went to a party with alcohol(I don't drink or smoke weed ) for my best friend and she felt like she wasn't wanted because she wasn't invited. Which I understand, but in my defense I only went to see my best friend since he was away at college starting his final semester at the college plus it was his birthday. Anyways once she told me all of that I didn't know how to respond. I mean I told her since we both work and go to class full time its hard to maintain that, I mean i'd rather work hard now for the next 2 years of college to get my dream job save up for a house and then throw all types of parties that way homework and tests will be a thing of the past you know? I'd rather spend my college years wisely and not partying so I can party and have fun later and not accumulate a lot of student debt plus I'm paying for college all by myself and did not have an great start to my semester having failed two first exams and barely passing two others from different classes. PLus I already get a bare minimum of 4 - 5 hours of sleep each night depending on the workload that I have.

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