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  1. My girlfriend and I are both are seniors in college after the semester is over , also have been dating for over 5 years and now we are at the end of the semester where classes begin to rack up more work that needs to be done as well as completing last minute assignments. Well her and I both planned to hangout this friday because we were both free and it was the weekend before finals week so it was the perfect chance to finally have some much needed alone time , But she just called me on the phone upset because she had to cancel for this friday since her baby cousin wanted to spend the night at
  2. So today has been a pretty weird day, but what tops it all off is the fact my girlfriend has opened up to me about something that's been bugging her and something that caused it to trigger her. Currently we are both juniors in college with Homecoming coming up this weekend, unfortunately we will not be able to go due to other factors at play and with this being our first year at university since we both are transfer students. Anyways, as everyone knows that homecoming week is full of events and different activities each day. Well today she overheard some of her peers within her class about thi
  3. I see, I mean all I ask is just patience you know? And we haven't had sex for about 2 months, but we have done lots of foreplay to compensate for that. But I would never let it go that long i'm only in this low libido state because of my sickness and sleep schedule
  4. Hey guys it's been awhile since I posted on here but I wanted to know if my girlfriend is being wrong for being selfish. So my girlfriend and I recently just started college with full time schedules and part-time jobs as well. We both love our classes since we are Juniors and the campus is amazing to be on. Since the start of the semester she's been upset at me for not having any sexual intimacy or sending sexual texts. She says that she gave up trying to sext me when she's horny since I don't respond in the right way or the conversation doesn't last longer than a minute. Now my issue is t
  5. For starters, she babysits her cousins five days a week so she sees them plenty of times and it's mostly during the day until 5 pm. Sex isn't the only thing I look for in a relationship or value. It was just being let down after getting excited about seeing her was the main issue; we initially were hanging out for planning a vacation trip for the summer time and to talk about hotel options
  6. Well, i see her every time I drive her to and from class, but I get what you're saying. Part of me isn't as sexually frustrated as you might think, though, after she canceled on me I was able to use that frustration to get a lot of work and errands done, so she is more frustrated then I am sexually
  7. [quote name= I honestly will never understand the vindictive mentality because at the end of the day you are punishing yourself the most.[/quote] What do you mean by this statement?
  8. It was more of a meet up to discuss vacation things and maybe to have a littlle bit of fun
  9. Well not laid but she really wanted us to have some form of sexual intimacy since she's been beginning me throughout the entire semester
  10. Yes I know, maybe I need to grow up like you said.....
  11. You make a valid point, maybe I do need to look into my own behavior since I am the one being harsh towards her and all she wants to do it fix it and make it right where I'm too stubborn to see that and appreciate that about her.
  12. Yes I had plans to do something with her she really wanted to hang out since we never get to hang out ever at her house
  13. Okay, this grudge started last Friday. Last Friday, my girlfriend and I made plans to hang out after my class ended (since her class doesn't meet on Fridays), and that morning before I headed out to my class she cancels on me last minute because she wanted to help her mom babysit her cousins. After she had canceled on me, I was pissed at her the entire day and decided not to talk to her because I was looking forward to us finally having some alone time and maybe getting sexual intimacy that we've been missing out on for three months now. After that day we were okay, but thinks have been rocky,
  14. YES THANK YOU! Like until i'm married to her I dont always want to suck face with her or do anything thats inappropriate that will make others uncomfortable
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