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I feel like I'm inadequate, I get so worried about my girlfriend cheating on me and constantly feel anxious because of it. I have a problem with cannabis and it has been controlling my life for the past 5 years or so, I'm 20 now, I want it all to stop but need to talk to hear from anyone who thinks they have good advice. Things are just so tough for me at the moment and just need opinions, will explain my situation more when asked.

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Quit smoking. I just quit after 16 years of smoking. A few days ago I smoked after 6 months of quitting and I felt terrible! All the weird physical and emotional problems I used to have came back. Some people can smoke weed and be fine, others have an addiction, just like alcohol. I was addicted to pot. It was a mental and emotional crutch.


I used the supplement L-theanine (will help with the withdrawl) and valerian (will help you sleep) to get me through the first month. Give quitting a try and see if other problems don’t start to clear up.


I wish I had quit when I was your age. Good luck!

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