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Hmm. Maybe he could see us together?


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So, yeah, I decided recently to give dating another shot and hopefully meet someone special. This question is kind of weird, but please bare with me.


I was at a work lunch recently, and a new girl about my age apparently just started with the company. I know, don't fish off the company pier.


So, I'm sitting there, and an older coworker says to me "If I were you - SHE would be the one I'd be going after."


So, yeah, I guess he suggested I try to talk to her, etc. She's pretty, so I kind of took it as a compliment that he could maybe see us together?!?


He doesn't know anything about her, so I am not sure what his intent was, other than maybe trying to offer a suggestion? I guess I'm probably over-thinking it.

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Of course the guy was offering you a suggestion. She's pretty. She's your age. Why aren't you asking her out? A lot of romances these days start in the office. I met my wife at work. A lot of people do. Go have coffee with her. See if she wants to have lunch with you. Ask her out for dinner. Life's short. If you're interested in her, go talk to her.

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