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I Don't get why this keeps happening..


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I started dating this girl and my crush I had liked for 14 years finally spilled the beans that she liked me. I ended up staying with the girl I started dating for over a year and we broke up for about a month now. My crush and I have been talkjng for the whole month and I loved it, but I ended up going back to my ex cause she crawled back after a month saying sorry and what not because I felt it was the right Thing to do. I felt that I still loved her but idk that I do. Everyday after I cut off my crush I think about her and it's been 5 months! Every single say I cannot stop wondering what we would be or what we could've been. In the end I know she has feelings for me and Ik I have feelings for her. Some advice on what to do? My current relationship all we ever do now is argue and fight but I feel like that is supposed to happen at some points and we're just supposed to power through it..

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If you're fighting with your gf all the time, this is not a healthy relationship. It sounds like someone isn't compromising with the other.


Did you say you dated your crush for a year? And then you broke up with her to get back with your current gf? Why? You said it was the right thing to do. Did you guys have a baby as well? It helps to have a complete story to give the right advice.


And what about your crush? Let's call her what she is, an ex gf. How do you think she feels about what you did? And if you liked her, why did you break up with her?


You tells us more, we'll give you better advice.

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