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Should I Move on or Let Go?


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I've had this crush on this one boy that was my classmate last year for a year already. I can't remember why, but I remember that we sat next to each other during first days of school (which are mostly orientations), and that's when I started to like him.


I've managed to hold in my feelings for several months until it was already the last semester of that school year. I plotted with my cousin (who was one of my classmates and also a friend of my crush) to call me over and have a picture containing the three of us.


That started the revelation of my crush towards that one boy. He "flirted" with me, cornered me once (I seriously fell on my knees that one time), and acted like he was going to reciprocate my feelings whatsoever. The end of that school year was left with me, still having my crush on him.


Until now, I still have a crush but it's not that strong. My friends and even that cousin have been telling me to move on since they know he's never going to be serious with me and that he'll hurt me in the end. I, on the other hand, can't seem to move on since I got really attached to him. Although these past days, I've been listening to songs and it made me think that maybe we weren't meant to be something else other than classmates.


Should I move on or keep holding on?

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Usually friends are right. He had a year and he didn't ask you out or anything.


What ages are we talking about? If we're talking like 13, he's too young to be thinking of dating. If he's older, he had plenty of opportunity to do something to show he's interested.

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