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Fiancee feels left alone


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Hi, i'm new to this forum,so i apologize if i'm breaking any rule or something, but i need help.


I just had a figth with my fiancee (we are getting married in December yaii rigth?!) but since starting this mouth she's getting a little weird ¡n her behaviour it didn't bothers me much because righ now she is on vacations from her job (she is a teacher) and since i meet her like 8 years ago and even her family knows she is unbearable when she has nothing to do, recently i got a new job as a web developer , its my dream job i really love it making money making beautiful websites for the company clients, i'm in a 2 months test period (says my contract) so i'm kind of stressed out trying to make myself a good image in the company, working a lot skipping breaks sometimes, everything to show them i'm their guy so i have been working a lot since i complement my income doing freelace stuff, i happen to be working 12+ hours a day non stop i wake up at 5:00 am , make breakfast for me and for my fiancee rush to the office and get to my sit at 8:00 am and work till 12:00pm lunch time (sometimes i skipp that) till 5:00pm head home make dinner and my luch for next day ( yes fiancee doesn't cook for ) sometimes i ave to do laundry and then like at 9:00pm rush to my laptop and start working my freelance proyects, seriously i'm feeling like i'm going to die any minute.



But fiancee has been feeling left out i already talked to her and that this job is important to me and we need the money i will make if i get this job rigth but she doesn't understand, so she have been appearing in the office at the moment i left and sometimes at my break times and its soo annoying bit its all a sing of her looking for time to spend with me, so today she told me how she feels and i asked her an apology and told her that she need to let me know when i'm working too much and if she wants too spend time with me please let me kow ind advance so i can make room to spend time with her, and she got offended for that , she thinks like she is an obstacle for me like she shouldn't ask me whrn she can or can't spend time with me, and i find this way of thinking very childish, come on we need the money and she kows it, she wants to send our kids to private schools and give them the best live can offer but she doesn't like me to work too much?



She told me that this isn't what she spected when she commited to me like she doesn't wants me to spend time with her but also wants me to gain a lot of money also we are planning te wedding and then we are planning to leave our country (Venezuela the situation explains itself) and that requires A LOT OF MONEY.



So i got angry and yelled at her about how stupid is that she feels that way about me asking her to tell me when she wants me to make room for her on my time and i really think it is is not that i don't love her everything i do is for her, why can she understand me? she doesn't even help me by cooking or making laundry or cleaning our house so i don't have to doit in the few free moments i get, tell me i'm the bad guy here?




TL I work a lot, we need the money, fiancee feels left out for that, but doesn't help, appears at my office disrupting me and i told her she needs to let me know in advance when she can and can't come and she got mad at me.



Hope you can help me guys.

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Its sounds like your under a lot of pressure. You have pressure from society and your fiance and your trying to be the best for everyone but yourself. I don't blame her for trying to connect with you. But I hate to break it to you man. Relationships require work if you want to grow with her. And getting married will not make it better. The problems will only get worse. Its seems that you have a lot on your plate and you are constantly pressured to be the provider and you want some help and support on her end. I would be honest and vulnerable with her and let her know how your feeling. You feel a lot of stress and pressure and your scared for the future. Maybe counselling would help between you too as well so there's more communication. Maybe she needs you as a person and not just the money you provide. Sounds like sje misses you and wants to connect and your really stressed. A good talk between you too of what you need and what she needs so your both on the same page

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Why is she not helping out with the dinner and laundry? Good God! it is only two months.


She sounds like a total princess. I think that you need to set some clear boundaries with this woman, as she sounds quite selfish and difficult! Why isn't she working during her time off.


You clean the house, too! Dude, stop being such a doormat! You have taught her how to treat you. You allow her to walk all over you. She needs to step up and understand, or you may want to reconsider marriage to this woman.

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