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My gf has a guy friend and won't tell him that we are together and receives money


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When my gf and I started dating, her guy friend who she receives lots of money from was on his way over. She said, can u pretend to be my cousin or say we're just friends or hide, cuz I don't know how he will react to us being together. She ended up meeting him outside in his car for over 30 min. She says he is just a good friend that always helps her out, and that she doesn't wasn't to jeopardize what she has. She deletes his texts with the excuse that she doesn't have enough space on her phone, but he is always the one in the group being deleted. She doesn't talk to him on the phone inn front of me, and he visits her at work and takes her home sometimes. She now says she told him and that he is cool, but I've never actually seen any convo on her texts where she talks about me. She talks about me to every one else and introduces me on the phone or in person because she says she's so in love. She gets mad and defensive when I being it up and says I'm being unreasonable and this is normal. Am I being unreasonable in thinking something else is going on either in the past, present, or future? I dont believe guys give females hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly when they have a wife the.swlves unless they are hoping for something esle. Are there any girls or guys out there that do this and its completely platonic? what can i do to find out? I don't want to be with someone who is lying to me.

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