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This is going to be confusing


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Hi I'm a biromantic homosexual girl. If you don't know what that means you can look it up on the urban dictionary. And I think you might want to know what it means for this story. Okay so I'm in a relationship with this girl right now. It's been a little over 2 months since we started dating. Last month she kissed me. And I didn't feel anything. I thought maybe it was because it was my first kiss ever but later in our relationship I still didn't feel anything for her. I mean I feel a little. Well anyways I'm not sure if I should breakup with her because I'm not happy in this relationship but then again I'm the first person she's ever dated and I don't want to hurt her. So moving on even if I did breakup with her i still have to deal with this other thing. The other thing being a guy that I've been friends with since I was 1 he just recently confessed his love for me and ig I feel something for him and I told him that. Hell, my even told him I would date him. But I'm not so sure I wanna do that. However my friends are telling me I should do it. And I don't want to also hurt him. I mean I would date him but he's so....clingy and sensitive. Anyways my friends are already making plans to go on like double/triple dates and I really want to come and not feel left out but I can't do that without a bf/gf. Oh I almost forgot. If I dated the guy, people might judge me because I came out as a lesbian not a biromantic homosexual because I didn't know thats what I was at the time. So I feel like people would say like "lol you're not a lesbian you're bisexual" or "why'd you lie to us when you're actually bisexual" I don't know. I have anxiety maybe I'm just overthinking again.

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A person who is romantically attracted to two sexes or genders. Biromantic asexuals seek romantic relationships for a variety of reasons including companionship, affection, and intimacy, but they are not sexually attracted to their romantic partners. The sexual counterpart to biromantic is bisexual.


^^^ I have put that there for context but it all confuses the hell out of me .. There are that many things that people identify as in today's world my daughter is probably better off reading this then an old lady like me !!


I am confused cos you say you didn't feel anything but the above seems to indicate that some who is biromantic isn't sexually attracted to their partners .


too complicated for me .

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