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Hello everyone,


I am in urgent need of a place where people have common problems and understand what I am feeling right now. I was in a relationship for 15 years and as of 2 days ago the reality that it is over hit me like a truck. I am a 44 year old who has been through this once before back in my 20's and I can tell you that I do not miss those old feelings one bit. Like all relationships that come to an end, there is always one of you who is more ready to move on which leaves the other in complete shambles... I happen to be "the other" one. I am currently on a out of control roller coaster of feelings that has little regard for my need to work and function. I have read through some of the posts before I joined and I must say that I feel for everyone of you that is under this evil spell of emotions. I am not going to unload the whole 15 years of history into this post but rather introduce myself and hope that given time I can learn from some of you as much as I can teach.


- Inspector

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First hugs. Second is that I've found for myself that sometimes you really have to allow yourself to feel the pain, to cry, to grieve, to let it all out. It's like the more you try to hold it in, the harder it gets. If you allow yourself moments to let it out, then going to work and being able to focus on something else actually helps a lot. Just take it one day at a time and it does start to get better, slowly but surely. Then one day you wake up and notice that the sun is out and that you are feeling fine. It will come.

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