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So, I had this ex girlfriend who I was in a long distance relationship with for about a month in a half about almost 2 years ago, had broke up with me for someone else who she eventually married. Now, prior to the relationship, we first met in person and were friends for a couple of months before that.


But long story short, she started treating me horribly. She started ignoring my calls, be short and argumentative, blamimg me for everything, insulting me, lying and pretty much anything else you can think of. When she finally decided she wanted to break up, I asked (stupidly of course. I didn't know she was seeing the other guy yet) if we could still be "friends". She agreed but still treated me the same. Eventually, after about a month of that, we got into and argument where she tried to turn it all on me and decided not to talk to me for a whole month.


After that month, she started talking to me again, asking if we could be "friends" again, and I stupidly and reluctantly agreed. The "friendship" went good for a few weeks. Dhe literally called and texted all day everyday. She eventually told me about the guy and how she broke up with him for pressuring her to have sex and some other stuff (at that point, I already found out but I still loved her and it hurt me to know that she was feeling bad).


But it eventually started turning bad again soon after that, even util the point where she refused to come see me when she had the chance because she wanted to go see a "friend" for a baby shower (maybe she really go see a friend but it was still extremely disrespectful for her to not see me, especially when we talked about 2 weeks before). After that, we talked a little about what happened and eventually got into an argument where she said I was acting like a victim and all that. I just got crying because I that point I just felt horrible about the whole relationship. She must've heard because she felt bad and told me how she started dating the guy again since a couple of weeks ago but how I was a great person and how she didn't want me outta her life, etc. At that point I told her to lose my number and EVERYTHING involving me and never talk to me again.


About almost a year after, she texted something but I ignored it. Then a month later, she unblocked from Facebook and apologized to me on there. I told her I accepted and wished her the best. She tried to start a conversation after that but I didn't entertsin that. About a week ago, she added me on snapchat (I didn't add her back) and texted me. I checked to see if she was still married (which she was) but decided to see whst she wanted even tho I really wanted to cuss her out and tell her off. But I decided to still be nice. When I asked if she was married, she sent a laughing emoji followed by saying "I guess so". Just still being immature and childish. But she also told me how she didn't really have friends and how she feels that she rushed into married life and how I'm the only person she really trusts and how she remembered how great a "friend" I was (I guess she conveniently forgot that we used to date because she only brought up the "friendship" part). I felt bad so I did comfort her a little but cut it short. When she asked if I was comfortable being friends again, I told her "no" because she's married and needs to work out the isdues with her husband. She said she respected that and wished me the best and I did the same.


But my question is, why does she keep bothering me even after I told her to leave me alone? If she texts me again, she I just tell her off? Was I too nice to her?

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I have to ask why you have not blocked this woman? Why do you continue to engage with this drama, especially since she is MARRIED????? Even if she weren't married, I cannot understand why you engage, considering how she has treated you.


Treat yourself better!

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