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Restaurant Dress

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So I'm 16 years old and I just got hired at a 4.5 star restaurant on the lake in a tourist town. I start tomorrow and on the phone today, the only thing the lady told me about what I should wear was "wear all black." Nothing else. So I was going to definitely play it safe and avoid dresses and skirts (despite how hot it is outside), and just go with black denim jeans. However, all of my black tops are either slightly off shoulder or slightly see through. I don't know that they care very much considering they didn't go into specifics but I was looking for some general advice.

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considering that you are in a hurry, i would wear a black undershirt/ top under the see-through shirt. you'll be cooking though it helps if it's a silky one (cooler). do go with a black below the knee skirt if you have one.


then shop for a simple black dress below the knee. they're not expensive and you get to wear it for other stuff. try to get a fabric that doesn't wrinkle easily but also doesn't feel like cello-wrap in the heat. i have an "emergency formalities" navy one that is life saving last minute.

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Congratulations on scoring the job. Now it's time to shop for professional clothing. You have time today.


You definitely need better and professional tops. See through and off shoulder are not appropriate or professional for a 5 star restaurant. Also, never ever wear jeans to a job unless you work in a very casual workplace (think construction). For many fancy restaurants, wearing all black attire is the standard at restaurants because it hides drink spills or food stains. Looking clean and tidy from head to toe is a must in the restaurant business (if you look messy, you get sent home).


Personally for your age and having inexperience, I would of chosen a more casual family restaurant over a 5 star one if I were you. The more fancier the restaurant is, the more rigorous expectations they will have. My first resturaunt job was serving at a country club, and got fired in 3 weeks because of their rigorous expectations. I did so much better at family chain restaurants and worked my way up to sportsbars. How quick can you move on your feet and deal with overwhelming stress? If it doesn't work out, don't entirely quit the food serving business yet.

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