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28 day workout Challenge

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I had surgery two weeks ago.... Disc replacement so I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

Hence the 28 days.

Not looking for anything mind blowing or life altering...lol just something to motivate!!

Who is in? I have an important event next month and I need to move and groove....


I just want to exercise 30-60 minutes a day ...


Biking etc...


Anyone else wanting to join ...lets do it!!

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You have my encouragement. Glad to see someone rehabilitate and remain active after surgery/injury. I lift weights 5 days a week and do cardio 3 times a week. Keep a log in this thread about your daily activity. I can contribute mine if it helps your motivation.

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Also posting with encouragement and congratulations on your plan!


Fitness tracking apps for your phone have come along nicely and may help you plot out and record your progress better than going at it from memory, day by day.


You're going to do great! Yes, please keep us posted. We're rooting for you!

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Hi thanks guys!


I can't really do weights yet so Im going to stick with walking, bike riding, stretching etc... Going to ask my dr on the 19th how soon I can integrate more into my routine..,, thanks for the encouragement

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Quick update:


I have been doing light walking and stretching...also getting back on the bike a couple times. Nothing crazy just a few laps around the block. Anything to get the flood flowing. I have to get an X-ray tomorrow for my follow up on the 19th.

Also my incision scar is healing nicely. Just using Mederma on it twice a day.


Anyone else ?

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