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Classmate relations am i reading the signals wrongly?


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I follow an evenning course and there is this guy lets call him chris. Chris has asked me to go eat something 2 times which i both accepted and on the 2nd meet up we kissed. Now where the problem comes is that both of the times we had dinner i didnt hear anything from him after that and during the whole week at all. we are Facebook friends with me adding him and we are also in a chat group from our class ,we do talk in that chat group about school but other than that nothing.


so the first time after we had dinner , i was not sure if he ws interested in me and i didnt hear anything from him after . i was anxious so i sent him on fb to say i had a great time and asked if could send me some of the music he was playing in his car which he did and he said he had had a good time too , then after that nothing.


2nd time after class he asked to go eat something i say yes , now am sure he might have some interest ,i say yes we eat then we kiss ,i don't hear from him after that .In the next class i act like nothing happened and he doesnt say anything about it either and after class while we chatting with other classmates he says he is going cos he is tired am like okay see u next time

all the while we still talk on fb in the chat group about assignements with other students from time to time but otherwise he doesn't send me anything like nothing at all.


so am confused ,i think he is not interested .btw we don't have classes together anymore we just did our final exams.

what do u guys think? .

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