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Early stage dating - what is going on?


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Hi everyone, posting again about the same guy but a different situation. We met five months ago and had five dates always there being some kind of misunderstanding. We both seem to like each other a lot. Finally it seems that we have figured it out, and started dating in earnest. Three dates last week, and he kept talking to me on whatsapp every day. He wanted to see me more, but I had to turn him down as I was busy. On dates it was as if we were madly into each other, holding hands all the time, hugging and kissing.


After that last date on Saturday I didn't hear from him for a few days and had to contact him myself. Our convo was tepid and I couldn't understand what's going on. He'd take hours to respond, sometimes 24 which had never been the case previously. So I thought he must have lost interest for some reason, perhaps we overdid it with dating - from zero to hero as they say - and he wants a respite. I wanted that too, to be honest. It was a bit too much for me. However after a few days I was ready to see him again, but he was as I said, tepid. And hence my confusion.


So on Thurs I sent him a text saying, look there seems to be some confusion on your side and so I'm gong to take some space because I don't want to get close to someone who acts confusing (I meant hot and cold). He got back to me immediately saying no, not at all, and that sorry if he had been quiet, he had such and such going on, and that he meant to call me to discuss X, and that is it okay if he calls me in an hour. He didn't call. I responded after an hour saying well, that explains, I suppose. But that I couldn't speak that evening to him because I was busy. I said tomorrow is good for me. He offered to meet for a coffee in the morning, but I said, sorry I had to do Y. A bit later he texted saying that he got tickets for Wimbledon championship for us for such and such date that I should mark my diary. It's in a month. Some hours later - I was really busy - i replied great, let's see how it goes. We had a bit of other exchange. This morning he tried to talk about something else, but again I was busy. Later today I texted him saying hey, I'd be free to talk between 6 and 7.30 pm tonight if you were still up for it. And ... silence. It has now been 6-7 hours. I am gradually getting really flustered, . i am so confused. We didn't have sex by the way. Of course he wants it, but said he'd wait until I am comfortable. I am really pissed he's ignoring me. And why? Any views on what's going on? Thanks a lot

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You two are playing passive aggressive games.

You get upset that he doesn't respond yet you document all the times you were either too busy to meet him, talk to him or respond.

If you two are getting hung up on communicating I don't understand why there isn't an honest effort on both your parts to try a little harder.

This is way too much trouble, too soon. I'd call it.

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