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What am I doing wrong?


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I recently joined a chat site for some conversation and a few laughs. I've noticed though, across all social media sites, that the only men I end up being messaged by are annoying in their need for validation. Constantly begging for compliments and asking if certain things about them are appealing to me. It instantly turns me off. I don't do it so I expect others not to. What about me attracts such insecure guys? I'm insecure, to a degree, myself and I don't say "Am I your type?" I also have become frustrated by the constant need some of these dudes have for "role playing." Like, no. Leave me alone. Why can't I meet someone normal-ish.

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Chat sites are not for anything serious and most on there will be duds.


I am even leery about dating sites as most on there are looking for hook ups or are lying about being married.


Have you tried meeting men in person through a common interest or even through friends? The odds of finding someone decent is better this way.

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