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Best friends and relatiobships


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Ladies, if your man had these two girls as best friends, would it bother you? And am I being unreasonable for wanting him to not be friends with them.


Friend #1. Had you blocked on Facebook for 2 years for absolutely no reason.

Is also best friends with your mans ex girlfriend


Friend #2. Also had you blocked on Facebook for no reason.

Attacked you on social media and your man did not defend you.

Also had a thing with your man before you met him.

Found old but inappropriate photos of her on your mans computer

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So it's basically your bf's ex and her best friend? Did they block you when the two of you started dating? It's possible she still has feelings for him and is hoping that he'll like her again in time (no, this does not mean your bf still likes her) or it's entirely possible the three are just friends. They blocked you on facebook but how do they react to you irl, are they friendly or is it clear they don't like you?


Rather than talk to him, I would say talk to these girls about it (be friendly). It could just be a weird misunderstanding and there is no issue at all, if you're not sure how to contact them get their numbers from your bf. If it turns out they really don't like you then I'd try winning them over and going the friendship route first. However if they continue to be hostile then there is a problem because it means at some point your bf will be forced to choose between his gf and his best friends.


Hopefully it'll all work out but at least try diplomacy before you do anything major.

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If he's been friend with them before he met you, yes you are absolutely being unreasonable to ask him to stop being friends with them. It's rather controlling on your part.


Part of being in a healthy relationship is respecting each other's boundaries. You don't cross that friendship line with him just because you don't like them. You need to respect that they are his friends, and that's it. It shouldn't be impacting your relationship.


For whatever reason they blocked you on social media and attacking you, that is your issue to deal with. Why you have them on social media is beyond me, since you don't get along with them.


Snooping on your boyfriend computer is another deal breaker for me. He has the right to his privacy and the right to be friends with whomever he wants. You are rather possessive and I think you need to work on that.


I've actually known people whom used to date when they were young but as adults became best of friends. That's all they are, just really good friends, they just realized that they make better friends. They are even both happily married. Keep in mind, it takes some maturity for that to happen. I'm guessing you are pretty young?

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