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Is it over or not


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I been seeing a girl kinda dating for 7 months no problems then I pissed her off it took her a week to get over it she said we were good made plans for next night...next day she acting weird I panicked got needy she canceled our plans.


And said I was texting way to much..i said ok sorry and didn't text her rest of day and night next day she wouldn't respond I only texted 3 times whole day. Next day she responded to a text with a Snapchat a pic of her so I figured she was good...then ignored me I only text 3 times that day..i didn't text at all the next day..then I text her that I respect her and asked are you just mad and need space or are you done if you need space cool if your done just tell me...no response she ignored it


I like to think sunset she told me I was texting to much she would tell me if we were done and not to text no more but idk..should I walk away and forget her or just give her space.

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One thing i've learned in this life is.. if someone is REALLY into you, that person would LOVE to be with you all the time and chatting with you as well.. i understand you, its happening to me too but if this girl really wanted you, why will a bunch of messages from you bother her? if you are JUST DATING, not even a year and she's acting careless, what make you think things will get better later? it will get worst.. and you could deeply fall in love with the wrong girl. keep your distance from her, and see how she acts during that time, give her the space she needs, and time will tell you!

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