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my girfriend wants to break up with due to misunderstandings. pls help me!!

Amante Cherry

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Girlfriend broke up with me due to misunderstanding.

My girlfriend is breaking up with me due to misunderstandings. we both are of same age that is 18. we both met at d physics tuition. then on 9th dec we became good friends and on 18th dec she proposed me. i said yes cuz she was unique. and we were in relationship. She told me that i was her crush 4 months back. she said i am the exactly the kind of boy she wanted. she promised that she will never leave me. she even said that she wants to make 3 babies with me. i considered her as my future wife. everything was going good. we started making out on different places after tuition. first months went awesome. then on 28 jan our tuition was ending so we both were sad that we will not be able to meet anymore cuz our final semester was starting from 9th march. in our tuition a mock test was der and she told me she will come but then she didnt come. again on 19th feb der was a mock test 2. she again told me she would come but then she didnt cuz she had a fever. that day coincidentally i was having a fever too but still i went just to capture her face and to meet her. i was very much hurt cuz she promised me and she didnt come. then she said sorry to me on hangouts. and said dont feel like that. though we talked daily on phone till 20th feb for about 4-5 hours. after that i couldnt call her cuz my mom took my phone cuz final semester was approaching. then from we didnt talk for 20 days although we texted each other but didnt continue long convo cuz we had to study. then semester started. she wished me all d best before every exam. then i felt smthg is wrong wid her but i didnt ask her cuz i thought it was because of exam pressure. thwn on 25th march i asked her. u wont leave me na? cuz i am afraid of heartbreaks. she said idk. then i was very worried. i asked her is everything fine between us? she just saw d message and never replied. then again i texted her is something making u feel uneasy. she again seezoned it. then i was very worried. she declined my calls 6times. then i called her best friend that she wants to do break up with me. but she didnt tell me directly and isnt ready to face me. then she finally replied that i am not her dream girl and i am a very good boy. she said she was not d best for me. but d reasons were invalid. she even asked her mom's ring that she gave it to me cuz it was a lucky charm for me. then i tell her u come and meet me and take d ring. she was ready for a talk but the next day she said she doesnt want to meet me. and said u can keep d ring if u want to. then she texted me d reasons for breakup -(her text to me)

Its was between is right?

Y r u bringing ur mom inside this

Can't u single handedly run things for ur self

Or u need aunty for everything

Plz don't think m criticizing ur mom

I respect her

If u aren't strong enough how r u gonna live this world

M leaving because I know myself and I can't take Care of u

U r soo fragile

That's y I wanted to help u

So that u could see this world better

But u have been like that

U even told me to stop talking to people because they r not good

U were trying to change me instead

I hate it u know when people try to change me

U r dreams

Whenever u have a nightmare

U think something bad has happened

But it wasnt like that.

It was suffocating me

I was like how could I live with someone who has nightmares every night thus capturing my freedom

U said me not to eat anything not to go out

It was stopping me from who I am

Then u would have thought she would have to show herself to the world lots of people would stare so u will stop me.

And then u would have stopped me from my dreams


U were sweet now but I know how boys become when they become possesive

And I felt like u were using me and loved me only so that u could gain my sympathy

I feel like a right now

How could I have used my time to study rather than talking to u everynight

And pls this marriage stuff do not go in my head

I thought no problem we will see later

But no

And ur mom dosnt like me either way

Like I don't have time for my family I will time for your family


You know what its OK to not to be perfect

But u r like u know your imperfections but u don't work on them

Rather than blaming it on d world and people

I hate people like that

See that's y I can't take care of u

And I wanted u to be in the hands of someone else like the one you want listening to your cries and licking your wounds because u can't do them yourselves because u r still a cry baby

Enough reasons I have given

Now I don't want you to bother me anywhere.


these r all misunderstandings cuz we didnt meet and talk for many days to our final semester. now me reply to her to clear d misunderstanding----

these are all misunderstandings

When u messaged abhinav

to tell me not to panic

I was happy very much

So i told my mom about u

She was cool about it

Then she told me to show Ur pic

I shower her

And she liked u very much.

when i got to know that u r breaking up with me so i was depressed.

Then i was crying daily not in front of my mom

But she knew smthg has happened to me.

So she asked me

what happened?

I couldn't control

I told her that u r leaving me

She was surprised

And said how can she do that

I didn't tell u to stop talking to people

I just told u too be careful of people

Cuz this works isn't good


U r interpreting my words wrongly.I know my imperfections,it's true.

And i was working on that

My shyness

Didn't i work on that?

U only told me i was progressing great

And u Don't know d pain when two best friends dies.

Sarthak and Aayush

That's what happens to me

It made me weak


And i am trying to recover from it

Then that girl who was my best friend who broke my trust.

U know that too,

I just never wanted This world to hurt u

As u told me that people have used u before

So i never wanted u to be used again by anyone

And i didn't love u to gain Ur sympathy

I just loved u. There are no maybes ' no why's. It's just that i love u

And i cant say i was d best for u. But i tried my best to be best for u

And marriage

Wait i never forced u for it

I told u it was ur wish

If u want to then it's okay and if u Don't then it's fine too

Aarsha u can take care of me i know that

And feeling u crying even without seeing u

It's not a coincidence

It's our deep connections

And i was never possessive aarsha never. I don't know why r u feeling like that

Did i ever said to u

that Don't become this and that

I always encouraged u to achieve Ur dreams

what has happened to u?

U r just thinking too much due to which d possibilities that r never there r there In Ur brain

And i didn't had nightmares every night. It started happening when u started thinking all dis.

I got scared

And i never wanted to lose u cuz i have Lost Sarthak and Aayush. Now i cant afford to lose u.

That's why i got scared

And u made promise to me

That u will never leave me no matter what's happens. Now what r u doing u r leaving me in the middle of d ocean alone.

And yes If i wanted to use u. I would have just time passed wid u. I would have never sacrificed my sleep , my time for u.. I would have never fought wid my parents. I would have never cared for u. I would have disrespected u. But u know what i was never like that and i can never be like that.

And what will i do from gaining ur sympathy.

idk why r u thinking like that.

It's true thanks misunderstanding can ruin a relationship and that is what exactly happening rn.


And pls don't feel like that u r a . U was never a and is never going to be.

Most importantly i never lied to u. I never cheated on u. Cuz i am not like that and can never be like that.


i was having me exam d next day. so she wished me best of luck and all d best for my exam. but idk if she read my this long text or not. she isnt ready for a talk face to face . what should i do now?? i am very depressed!

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She gave you some very valid reasons to end it. You were suffocating her, getting to clingy and controlling and trying to change her. In the future learn that being clingy and controlling will make girls run away.


Now leave her alone and go no contact and focus on school and exams.

she even said that she wants to make 3 babies with me. we started making out. i couldnt call her cuz my mom took my phone.

I hate it u know when people try to change me

It was suffocating me

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