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Its been over a month now..still thinking about him daily

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Please read my original post here first. (its not long)



Long story short I dated this guy for 2 months -- great times-- everything was good but he found out he had to return to his home country and we decided to end things--- better sooner than later.... He was so nice about everything.. although it was only 2 months it was a very intense 2 months and we had spent alot of time together...and spoke EVERY single day...it was going well and we were both very clear and open we both wanted a relationship...even more him than me..then he found out he has to go home after living here in Spain the past 5 years- he was supposed to be here until 2020.. (im in Spain and he's from Italy)



its been a month now since we ended things and i still think about him daily.. I even went on a couple of dates to try and forget but its not working. i haven't contacted him but i know he is still here for a few more weeks.... I want to write him a letter or something..and ask to see him one last time before he goes.. I dont know why i cannot get over this person..Should i contact him?


I did contact him once--- about a week after we ended things and said i would like to continue seeing him until he left (originally it was supposed to be in july) and he replied veryyyy nicely he found out he had to leave in mid-end April...and he didnt wanrt to go back as he was supposed to be in Madrid for the next 3 years but had to...and he didn't want to leave more sad - and he didn't want just to see me casually - that he wanted time and more moments with me...time he doesn't have...


I can't get over him... what to do


I want to write him a letter ...but don't know if i should

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I agree with the above posters. Be gentle with your expectations for yourself. You are hurting but you *are* healing and that process will take however long it takes. And that's okay. Be kind and sensitive to your poor heart. You deserve to be happy and you will, again.


My advice for your consideration regarding the letter you are contemplating writing is to do so - with the firm commitment before, during and after that this is strictly a personal, therapeutic exercise as another means of healing and resolution and that you absolutely, positively, will *not* send it.


Good luck.

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Please don't send a letter to someone you dated only 2 mos who repeatedly told you he wants to end it for practical reasons and who you've nonetheless cased anyway.


Who knows, he may have a gf back home and is communicating with her in anticipation of returning. It won't have the result you are looking for and will backfire when there is no response or he reiterates that he thinks it's for the best.

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