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Thinking of getting back with GF


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My gf broke up with me 2 years ago after her father passed away.I still remember her daily, but don't know if she does. She is very good by heart and i respect that but she was very rude and blamed me for everything and left me.Maybe it was due to the situation she was in. She is my 2nd gf and I was her first bf.I love her a lot and feel that no one can fill her place. We both text only twice a year to wish on birthdays,apart from that no contact or whatsoever. Is it appropriate for me to back to her or is there a chance of me getting back with her? Need help with it.

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There is no indication that she is wanting to be with you (especially since you have communicated only with one another to say happy birthday). She broke up with you and if she thought she made a mistake, she would be trying (at least) to have more to do with you then say happy birthday. It's up to you of course if you go ahead and try to start things up again but don't be surprised if she isn't open to such a thing.


I am surprised that you haven't done the mental work you need to do to get over her and find yourself a new partner that wants to be with you and shows you hat she does.

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