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Really considering it


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It has been a month since my breakup with my gf of 6 years. I was doing alittle better, but last night and now i am experiencing the worst chest pains and nostalgic mental pains ever. I loved this woman with everything, i messed up along the way and she ended up talking to another guy before she broke up with me And left me for him within the first week of breaking up.


This woman was perfect to me and we had such a great connection, but then she left because of some of her needs she said were not being met.


I literally don't know if i can cope with this, i have never felt this type of pain before. All last night i just layed in bed curled up with my chest pounding and thinking about her and the times we had that i will never have again.


I might just end it, ths pain and knowing the perfect person for me is gone is too much to bare, physically and mentally.

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People grieve losing someone they love and it can be very painful but it is something you can get through. You will have days where it's better and easier and days where it is harder, but it will get to be easier as time passes.

It has only been a month, that's not long at all. You need to have more patience and focus on the healing.

Therapy and medications can help and you should consider one or both if you've not already.

Please don't end your life. You still have a lot of worth and a lot of good things a head of you. This pain is temporary. Hang in there, you are doing better than you think.

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I am going to a psychologist and I do think looking back now, I was unhappy with myself, not the relationship or maybe, but my emotions and outlook that contributed to what happened. It is always hard to look back and see things from a different perspective when you are in a hole focused on such a narrow direction.

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