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I'm attracted to an introvert and really can't figure him out


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Hi all, I'm super attracted to a guy who spends a lot of alone time at home and has a lot of friends. I know this because his sister and I are good friends and we are practically neigbours.


I've known them since we were kids but didn't really have much to do with them both up untill a year ago when I moved down the road.

First I started noticing the guy a bit more then ever before and found that I was attracted to him so I tried to draw anything out of him to confirm if it was mutual but could only find out from a few friends that it's highly probable that he likes me which doesn't mean anything to me, as I need a yes or a no.

Now his sister and I have been hanging out quite a lot lately and in my defence I have not befriended her because of her brother, it so happens that we both have a lot in common and get on really well.


I know he watches me from afar but he won't approach me not even to chat.

He's got traits I'm looking for in a guy but he shows signs of being an introvert and I'm a combination of the two. I would like some advice on how to approach him because I really do like him and would like to get to know him better.

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Some introverts will watch you for months before making their interest clear. Try to stay open and try not to make conclusions or assumptions. Let him come to you at his pace. He is likely studying two things: whether he feels safe with you, and whether you have the sort of traits he feels he can trust. Just be you. You can't do anything else anyway.

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