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My best friend has been dating his current girlfriend for about 1 and half years. We all go to the same university, have known both of them for the past 3-4 years. I have become good friends with them.


However, I must say, before they began 'seeing eachother' & eventually dating, this girl and I (his current gf) had been 'seeing eachother'. I won't go into details, but we had short, yet passionate intimate relationship. He knew about it. One night, she decides to stay with him instead. She leaves me for my friend. This was probably the first time I felt something for a girl. I accept this. And am happy for them. We are roommates but, regardless. Next year comes, she tells she has no feelings for him and actually wants ME. We kiss, but I tell her she is now playing both of us. I remove myself from the situation. I believe this was wise


Well, they eventually begin a passionate relationship. I start seeing other people, and move on pretty fast.



I have to say- I am over her. I don't have feelings for her anymore. But, sometimes, damnnit, I feel some tension. We hangout as a group a lot together. I catch her staring at me sometimes when we hangout. It makes me sort of uncomfortable but I try to ignore it. I can tell this when we talk too, I almost don't want to inquire too much about her, knowing we're friends but keeping boundaries. I enjoy them both, as they are my close friends. However, something seems a bit 'off'. Maybe it's just my own insecurities? Just wanted your thoughts. As I see their relationship blossoming more and more, I'm happy for them. Yet, also a little weirded out I have had mutual feelings with this girl too. Sometimes she gets flirty with me, especially when we drink. This is fact. As I feel like we almost kissed recently at a party. Idk maybe I'm just crazy??? Sorry for posting this but I've never really told many people about this. Maybe 2 or 3 CLOSE friends. Anyone experienced anything similar?

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Agree she was playing you both. Yeah must be awkward hanging around her. Do you have a gf? Why not avoid hanging out with them so much?


I have had 2 girlfriends since her. This girl got very jealous of them though it seemed. We don't hang out that much, but she does stay over a lot, as I am roomies with him still.


I keep it cool throughout though, never trying to make anything awkward. My buddy has never talked to me about since, which I understand.

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