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would you be angry at your friend if...


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One of my now ex best girlfriends "Sarah" whom I usually go out with is in love with my cousin, "Leo" (a very good looking guy).


My cousin Leo recently came from Europe, and Sarah is really into him. The thing is that Leo gave her a chance, even though he was into someone else, and long story short, his ex girlfriend came back into his life. When Sarah saw the ex and Leo making out, she got jealous. She basically told my cousin to, "Go F** yourself" - and she said it in front of his ex.


Well, she felt bad about telling him off, so this past weekend my cousin and I went out alone - and when Sarah found out, she made herself appear at the bar as well to see if she can patch things up with Leo. (So far, it's okay).


I winded up getting drunk and Leo wanted to take me home, and even called an Uber so that we both can leave together.


When Sarah learned that Leo was going home with me, she fought with him and asked that he take her home instead (she wanted to patch things up with him and kiss him, and get hot and heavy with him in the car, I imagine). But instead, Leo demands that I get in the car instead. Sarah physically forces me not to, and says, "Oh my friend, Leslie (some guy she was with) is going to drive you home instead! She literally pushes me back into the bar - me being drunk and all, to go see Leslie back at the bar, as she promised that he will drive me home instead.


So I go back into the bar, and Leslie tells me that he has no recollection of Sarah making arrangements to drive me home, and that he's going home but in about four hours.


I am angry as my cousin and my now ex friend have left together in the Uber. I winded up taking public transportation home which was hard as I was very drunk.


Anyway, I have blocked Sarah from facebook, my phone, instagram, and from my life! She is now telling my cousin that she didn't get in the cab with him on purpose but that she actually thought that Leslie would drive me home! She thinks that I'm overreacting and doesn't see where she went wrong.


Would you be upset at your "friend" like I am? Or am I over reacting?

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It would have been at this point that most people would have stopped associating with her. However your cousin is the one who left you stranded at the bar drunk, leaving with her hoping he may get lucky again. Good idea to cease all contact with her.

She basically told my cousin to, "Go F** yourself"
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I agree with the above poster ^^^ you should definitely have a talk with your cousin about how he left you,I mean anything could have happened to you while you were out there late at night by yourself,you mean to tell me he cares more about getting some punani then making sure his family gets home safe? all of you guys could of gotten in the uber and still went your separate ways,this has happened to me before and I denitely was pissed and yes definitely cut off all communication with your ex best friend she seems very toxic

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Your ex friend certainly should stay an ex friend. If a friend did that to me, I'd stop being friends with them too.


However....your cousin is the other part of this equation and sounds equally toxic. I mean he messed about with Sarah, while chasing after someone else, then he was off making out with his ex, then he left you at a bar wasted while he went off with Sarah.....ugh..... You don't need this guy around and messing about with your girlfriends causing drama. Abandoning you like that when you were drunk was a total a hole move, btw. Sarah may have been pushy with you, but he didn't step up like he should have and instead went along with her. So he no innocent wall flower in this situation.


Anyway, I'd distance yourself from your cousin and also, do yourself a favor and carry taxi numbers or download and set up uber or lyft so if you find yourself drunk again, you have the means to get home safely regardless of your company and what's happening with that.

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I absolutely agree with the above posts. Both of them acted very selfishly. Left you stranded and took advantage of "Leslie" expecting him to look after you, when as your family and best friend, they both should have been doing that job. I would cut them both off. Both sound immature as hell. In time you might be able to speak with your cousin as he is family, but by no means let him off lightly. Your relationship with him won't be the same again as trust is gone.

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