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When will she want me? Will she?


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Hi, I've never posted before...but I'm in a pretty dark place and need help. I was in a lesbian relationship. My girlfriend was very very very masculine....you could say she acted EXACTLY like a guy (besides how she acted behind closed doors with me) nevertheless...she was a legit androgynous lesbian who had the mentality of a dude. Well, her and I were together for 3 years....yesterday would have been 3 years and 1 month. About a 2 1/2 weeks ago or so...she was acting weird and wasn't talking to me. I called her to ask what was wrong, and she had told me she didn't want to be with me and that she didn't have any feelings for me at the moment...but she intended to marry me still but needed time on her own...and she said she just wanted to be friends. I was so heartbroken and confused...she was being so cold with me. After that, she didn't call me that often...maybe once a day and sometimes every other day. We have eachother on snapchat...so she posts herself going out and having a good time...and she now talks to my FRIEND. I feel like she posted stuff to upset me. She would party and flirt with girls....it was like I didn't exist. Then there were about 2 times where she called me upset and said I was the only one who understood. After that conversation though, we agreed to build back our relationship because she didn't want to be with me RIGHT NOW. That soon went downhill, and we had one final talk on video chat...and nd she was looking at me like she loved me and we ended it on a good note...not talking about US...but just in general. But after that, I haven't heard from her in about a week or more. She still posts herself going out EVERY NIGHT with my friend that she's now talking to...and I feel sooooo hurt. I'm trying to get over it but I can't

My friends say I can do better...but I'm so in love with her and I'm confused. Maybe she thought I was boring and stuff because I don't drink, or party, or smoke...I like to do simple things like movies or just laying with her. Sometimes we would go out...but not really. It was honestly just us together. I always pushed her to be the best person she could be because I know how amazing she is. People look down on her...but I see the real her. No girl is going to love her as much I do....she was my baby God how I loved her I'm crying as I write this...because I'm just so darn confused. I'm upset because I sit here and cry and dont go out...I'd rather stay true to myself. However, she's out every night with other girls...and doesn't even think about me. I thought she would have called...but she didn't. I just want to know....when will she miss me again? We been through so much, it's hard to believe she completely cut me off like that....do you think she misses me?

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It doesn't work like that ...she can't just end it , go and have a good time and leave you on tap to eventually come back to you and marry you ...it is ridiculous .


Unless of course you are going to let her walk all over you darling ..!!!


It is hard and it hurts and we all feel what you are feeling ..we loved them , no one can love them like us and so on and so forth . But sadly this is how it is and the kindest thing you can do for yourself is stop following her around the internet and start to accept this relationship is over .


If she wanted to marry you darling she would be with you now . She is filling you with this ridiculous hope to keep you in your place incase she needs someone . I know it is not what you want to hear . I imagine she does miss you , but not enough to be with you .

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I think she just wants to keep you there until she is done partying. Like a placeholder. Which is totally unfair and cruel. I agree with pippy, I have seen on here hundreds of times people following their exes on social media and just whipping themselves into heartache. Please try and pull yourself together and assert yourself. It is quite difficult i know, but this person may have loved you once, but is now using that love against you.

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