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I Need Urgent Help With This, Please!!!


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But you don't think continuing to have sex with this man (even when you tell him you won't) and continuing to see him and attend his events when you don't really want to keep dating him isn't "mean"??


How would you feel if you really liked a man and were intimate with him, then you found out weeks later that he really isn't that into you and wanted to stop dating you weeks earlier but he kept having sex with you and put off being honest about his feelings? You wouldn't think that was "mean"?


Yes I think it is mean. Which is why I'm ending it. To be fair I didn't realize he was actually into me until last night, and I was not totally sure about how I felt about him until last night. But yes it was a crappy thing to have sex with him last night, and yes I'm trying to do the right thing now.


I appreciate advice, but it's not necessary to try to make me feel bad when I already feel bad. I don't see how passive aggressive advice is helpful.

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