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24 year age gap; clearing some stuff up


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So in my previous post I think some people were confused.

my family does know about my boyfriend. they've known for almost 2 years.

I don't know if people care to read stories about my experiences or whatever.

but if whoever does let me know what you wanna know and I'll try my best to give a decent answer.

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Well when my aunt found out she was pissed and was like tell your mom or I have to do I was like okay you do it . ( my mom had found out about him whe we were dating for only 2 months and I told her we broke up) but then I ended up writing my mom a note and telling her everything and she didn't talk to me for 3 months and it was really hard cause I'm super close with my family . When everything calmed down with my mom she basically just said I don't wanna hear about it and same with my aunt my aunt never cut me off though so I was still allowed to see all the kids and my siblings . But yeah now we just don't talk about it but they know what's up

What do your family actually say about the matter?
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Aful... Personally I wouldn't call you a fool. Impressed with older men... Yeah. I can go along with that.


One thing you should really consider... There's no way this 45 year old man can keep up with a 21 year old young woman. Not a chance... You're going to give him a heart attack.


Anyway... Whatever you decide... I wish you the best.


Him too.

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