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  1. Couldn't care less. I was active on FB for about a year. Got tired of the... What should I call it? Blah, blah, blah stuff. Tons of "Do you like this..." "Click 'Like' if you like or agree on something. I still have my account (at my daughters request), but I haven't even logged in for around three years now. I see your point. Although I find FB rather boring.
  2. LOL... Thanks for the belly laugh! Sometimes sarcasm works well. However, in this case... The dufus probably would've believed it.
  3. Yep! My exact thought. If I may... I would like to add the word: Stupid.
  4. You're both in your 20's... What... 6, 7, 8, 9 years apart in age? That's just a matter of individual preference to me. I know plenty of married/unmarried couples whose age range is anywhere from 5-15 years difference and it's working out just as good as an even to 5 year age difference. I'd probably raise an eyebrow if it was something like 20 - 30 years, but yours... Nah.
  5. You're 42... What would really help is if you were physically healthy. I'm talking about walking, jogging, bicycling, working out, eating better... Basically, staying fit. It's not only impressive to women at your age, but it's a heck of a confidence boost for yourself. I'm a step away from 60... although I'm no gold medalist in that department, but I'm most certainly a contender for the bronze. Get fit and stay fit. Oh yeah... Drop the alcohol and the porn.
  6. Some people hate for no apparent reason. Why are they like that? I really don't know. Childhood issues, a very traumatic episode in their life, just naturally hateful... If you ever make friends with a Psychologist then ask that person. They would probably be able to give you a list of reasons. HeartGoesOn said it best... They are living a miserable life. I do know that people like that who have a following have a stronger personality over the weak minded individuals that follow them. That's another "why." I suggest you just steer clear of all of them as there is something wrong with t
  7. Well, you have a perfect picture of your future with her. You haven't failed in the relationship... She has. Your future is up to you. What's your next move? Only you can decide. You know... Sometimes relationships just don't work. It takes two...
  8. It can be a little tough having a GF or spouse who has a best friend, or even friends, of the opposite sex. My wife and I went through those issues a few decades ago. What it really comes down to is trust. You either trust her or you don't. There's no halfway point - you do or you don't. To this day both my wife have friends of the opposite sex. We don't go out and party with them one-on-one, but we do have friends. You're going to have to compromise on this one. If this guy is a friend (best friend)... Then it is what it is. Keep in mind that people move on with their lives. There may be c
  9. Stop worrying about losing her and talk to her. Does she need a neon light to say... "I WANT YOU!" Thunk, Thunk... Hello! You have a girl that really wants you to be her boyfriend! Give her a surprise visit and tell her you love her.
  10. Jealousy is a relationship killer. Does it really matter that someone is checking her out? Does it really matter that she might check out another guy? She's sitting with you, she's drinking with you, she's having a good time with you. She's not getting up and hanging out or sitting down with other people - she's staying with you. You have eyes, she has eyes, other people have eyes and, unless there's something off about someone... Every human being on this planet likes a little eye candy every now and then. There's nothing wrong with a little jealousy - that's pretty normal. However, overbe
  11. No. He purchased the tickets to take YOU on a date. If it bothers you then you pick up the tab at the coffee shop or wherever afterwards. Otherwise... Let him do his thing. If he complains about the costs of things later... Then he's a numbskull, because if he couldn't afford it - why did he purchase the tickets in the first place. He's doing a nice thing... Let him do a nice thing.
  12. Aful... Personally I wouldn't call you a fool. Impressed with older men... Yeah. I can go along with that. One thing you should really consider... There's no way this 45 year old man can keep up with a 21 year old young woman. Not a chance... You're going to give him a heart attack. Anyway... Whatever you decide... I wish you the best. Him too.
  13. To the OP... You're either going to have to trust your man or you're not. It's pretty simple. If he said he didn't go to a strip club with his bachelor buddy... then believe him. Just trust him until you catch him in a lie... Then you drop a hammer on his head. You're wasting a lot of energy by stressing out over this probable non-existent scenario. I don't recall seeing where he has lied to you in the past. If he has... Well, then you may have a complaint.
  14. Don't allow it to get you down. Keep on trying - that includes to continue looking. A couple of decades ago I went through the rat race of... "Yes, we'll most definitely get in contact with you soon" or "You're definitely qualified and you can just slide into the job" or "We'll call you in a couple of days." Yeah, whatever... Good thing I kept looking. One of those places called me over a month later. I had already found myself a decent job by then and I had the satisfaction of telling them that I am currently employed. Like I said... Keep trying and keep looking.
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