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I falling for someone else


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Hi, I have bin with my boyfriend for just over 3 years we have a baby together but these past few of weeks have bin hell for us and during the last couple of weeks I have met this guy and got to know him very well lately I can't stop thinking about him and every time I see him or even think about him my hands and feet can't stop shaking I feel like I am only with my partner for my daughters sake we argue all the time what do I do

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Can I just be blunt here. This guy smells you having a hard time being a new mom and he's manipulating the crap out of you to get some side action. And then he'll dump you, because no decent guy goes after a woman in a relationship who has young kids, let alone a baby for god's sake.


My advice, tell Mr. I'm so wonderful I go after women with partners and young children to get lost, then focus on your relationship AND your baby. Get some counseling if what's happening is post-partum depression related, because yes it very well can be.


Also realize you're likely exhausted right now and overwhelmed and again that makes you very vulnerable to other people's manipulations. Why do you think cults use sleep deprivation and overwhelming tactics coupled with super kind behaviors on people who join? Those are known tactics that break down a person's normal will and moral codes and values.


And yeah, from I'm sitting, this guy is pretty much doing that.


Plus, and I'm just going to own this right here and if anyone doesn't like it too bad, but some predators target young mothers who they see are overwhelmed to get to their kids too. You should not be bringing an unknown, near stranger around your child AT ALL.


And I know you say you've gotten to know this guy, but how? As a brand-new mother in a full-time relationship how is it you have time to even be talking to this guy? Is he waiting at the playground every day or coming over to talk to you at work or did you meet him through a chatroom? I'm actually bewildered at this and at why with so many young single women in the world anyone would go after a mother with a new baby, go out of their way because this isn't even someone you've known a long time from what you're saying, to start chatting you up.


Uh-huh, that reeks of someone looking for sex and easy targets to get it. Plus you're with someone and a mom, so he's already guaranteed you will not be able to make demands for more from him. I'm sorry this is not a relationship. This is someone you need to tune out of your life NOW before something really bad happens to you or your baby, and definitely to your partner.


Get some sleep, go get counseling or see if you and your partner can get counseling, tell this guy to get lost. And if this is all wrong and the guy isn't seeking you out and lending a so-called sympathetic ear or angling to get you alone away from your husband then this is simply a crush, one that needs to die. It's a distraction from the real issues and won't help, but it will make things worse.


Anyways I hope it's just your tired mind and not that this guy is trying to get close to you, because that is not someone with your best interests at heart, or your baby's either, if that's what he's doing.

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