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Recent break up, do I give up?


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I was with a girl at 18 years old for four months before we broke up and she went back to her ex which left me really badly hurt for a number a months. 3 years on at 21 years old myself and this girl found ourselves in a relationship again which lasted around 3 months and things were perfect this time, she would regularly tell me how different I am to anyone and how amazing I make her life and how she could never imagine spending a day without me 😒 On a night out she spoke

To the ex which led to a drunken argument which escalated at home and got really horrible I brought up guys from her past and was very mean about her past, I showed an act of aggression but not towards hershe(this isn't me at all and she said she knows that's not what I'm like). We were on bad terms for a few days and she told me she would give me another chance but doesn't want this to happen ever again or its over. along with other things I done that night but things never went back okay which resulted in us splitting up. We share a mutual friend who a week later told me she was very upset about the breakup and wasn't sure if it was entirely what she wanted, she'd also said that she'll always think the world of me but don't think we're good for each other right now( don't know if there the exact words but they were along those lines, whether or not right now means at this moment or at all God knows)😒3 weeks have passed and we've spoke once or twice but also argued.. And from what I can see via social media it seems like she has picked herself up and is doing perfectly fine.yesterday I messaged her telling her I still want her which she replied that she's sticking to her original decision and needs to be alone 😒 I took the message in the sense that maybe she wants to break without telling me but I could be wrong? I just want advice on the best thing I could do to get her back or whether I'm chasing a lost cause.. I feel so lost without her and everyday is a massive struggle, I genuinely feel like I cannot live without the girl and can't help but think my mistake has lost me the only girl I will truly ever want

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I'm not being funny, you're not compatible and you probably never will be. It's time you stopped wasting your time, accepted facts and found someone else and likewise she should do the same. You've given it two chances and both chances have resulted in abject failure. I know the saying "third time lucky" exists, but I don't think it applies to you and this woman.


As for drunken arguments, if you cannot handle the effects of alcohol, then limit your intake or abstain from it altogether. Using someone's past against them as ammunition is not cool, I suspect you hurt a lot with those comments. I've done this before to a woman and it's one of the worst thing I've ever done and it made me assess my level of alcohol consumption, perhaps you need to do the same. Alcohol can bring out a person's darker nature, it does with me, so I prefer to stick to one or two pints of beer and a packet of ready salted.

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Unfortunately, you're not going to get her back for a few reasons...Your own actions and her being on the rebound. Get a hols of yourself and go no contact, not to get her back but because she's told again she's done for good.

I showed an act of aggression. she's sticking to her original decision and needs to be alone
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