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She needs space, I blew it... What do I do..


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Is there any hope left... ill give you a backround, she is 20 I am 22 she has a 2 year old boy who I learned to love just as much as her. We broke up after 9months together. She randomly said she thought we were drifting and wanted a break so I paniced cause it was out of nowhere I must of been blind too see the red flags. I made the mistakes of coming off clingy and dependent and was a overall wreck. So I gave her 3 days than I broke it again she said to me, she still loves me, and I think about you everyday I just need this. I will wear your ring everyday ( promise ring ). So I gave her more space with hope.... Than I saw a picture of her in the house at midnight, at this guys house who she had play dates with his son.. ( he isnt the most greatest looking fella and a recent drug addict and he tried to ask her out before..) I flipped out after seeing this asking why she is there at that time ext she said we are just friends!!! dont judge me ext... Why cant I have guy friends.... So basicly things got heated... And we Broke up... She said we both need this... I still love you but we need this.. So I just went no contact... But she messaged me thinking I was talking to her family about her and said dont talk to my family... i didnt.. I just said Clearly you dont love me anymore and things arnt the same... I wish you and Blaine ( her son ) the best in the world i truely mean that... Week goes by and I broke... I texted her saying so is there any way we can salvage this or should I just move on... She said You didnt respect my wishes for space i wish you did honestly just live your life snd be happy. Basicly saying move on..... I dont understand we were inseperable I was so good to ger son and she would always tell me that you dont realize how much I love you.... WHAT went wrong I am so lost.... We were gonna move in together... I blocked her off everything cause I just lose myself when I see pictures and am trying to move on... But I want her back...... Advice?

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Hey man,


sorry to hear you go through this. I know exactly how you feel. It does sound like you didn't give her the space she needed. When she says she needs space, she means it. When she is ready to come back, then she will but you can't live your life thinking about what went wrong and how you can try to fix it because honestly the more you try, the further she's going to drift away. Just go NC again and this time, DO NOT BREAK IT!. Let her come to you because she is the one who needs time to herself. Who cares who she hangs out with. It is non of your business anymore at this point. Your thoughts should now be "what am I going to do to keep busy today" or "what do I want to try that I have never done before". It's time to work on you and not the relationship.


You will thank yourself one day.


Good luck Buddy!

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What I have learned is that if you stay anonymous to her, then she will wonder about you. If you keep hitting up her phone, she has no time to miss you and wonder what you are doing. Life she said, she's needs the space, whether it is to miss you or to figure her own life out but you need to take that time and figure yourself out as well. Whether she forgets you or she wonders about you, you need to be the person who goes on with his life like it wouldn't matter if she never contacts you again. You need to be centred as an individual and by that I mean having a sense of who you are as a person. Break ups tend to mess with your mind and you lose a part of you but you have to remember that this is a part of life. It's how you bounce back from it that shows you're true character.

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