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Butterfly~Wrist tattoo :)

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After years of umming and harring about getting a tattoo on my arm to cover/prevent self harm I finally did it yesterday. My arm was aching because I wanted to self harm, not sure why I can't identify a trigger. I was feeling really low and getting agitated scratching at my arm absent-mindedly my boss/friend took me to a tattooist and I got a tattoo.


I wasn't sure at first what to get, as the arm I got the tattoo is the side of my body I had decided initially to be my nerdy side, so doctor who and music related and the other side my animal side.


But I settled on a butterfly, the butterfly project is self harm awareness and I love butterflies a huge amount.


I still feel a little like SH'ing but the tightness from the tattoo, seeing a little blood calmed me down. I watched the tattoo be done and it hurt less.


Actually, out of all three of my tattoo's this one hurt the least, my mum said it's because I already desensitized my arm from the years of self harm.


The tattooist was great, really friendly and had also had some self harm covered by tattoos. Told me a story of one customer who would go in and get a tattoo on their hand when they wanted to SH and when it rubbed off would get another.



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