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Should I try and ask her out again?


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I dated a girl recently and for some reason she decided for us to be just friends. I do really think she wants it to work. I did see in few months we dated that she puts on the effort to try and know me and I do the same. I don't know what exactly went wrong but when she went on a vacation on her home town and when she comes back it's different like something happen. I did try to understand her and give her time to do things she needs to do. I ask her whats can I do to change her decision. But she doesn't respond. So she decided to end it and be just friends. for few months now I casually text her to say hi and catch up, making sure that I am still here .


I know its stupid to ask If it is a good idea to ask her out again because I don't even know what exactly happen. But can I? maybe ask her if she wanted me to wait for a better timing/ scenario?


Thanks in advance!

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If someone tries dating someone and ends it without a clear explanation, it can only be one of two things. Either the spark of chemistry is lacking, or he/she wasn't comfortable with the partner's behavior, such as being too clingy, too jealous, or differences in activity levels (homebody versus on-the-go)--things like that. She was not comfortable telling you the reason. Move on with no contact. She's not your friend and she's not your gf, so she's in your past. Closure will help your mind be free to pursue a woman who will be crazy about you.

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It might mean also that she knows she has you right there where she wants you , she feels confident to have you as a back up plan cause you are still there. In eithet way, you should stop suddenly your contact, and wait. If she does contact you, be really short but still polite, and repeat. It is now her turn to fight back! Good luck

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Thank you all for giving time to respond. She is a nice lady. Every time I tried to contact her she always respond in a nice way. I know she is just being nice to me and I have to stop bothering her. I just thought since she ask me out before I should do it this time.


Again thanks everyone.

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