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  1. If you do end up breaking up, have you thought about how that will be handled? You made a commitment to the lender to pay back the loan. Can either of you afford to take on the payments %100? Who's going to buy the other one out? In a fair deal whoever leaves should get %50 of the equity built up in the house. You mentioned about having reservations about the relationship before you even moved in together. Why on earth would you agree to be on a mortgage with him.
  2. Like the others have said, just tell him why you are ending it. Then leave it at that. Are you both on the mortgage?
  3. I prefer the gym, mainly for the atmosphere. It puts me in the right frame of mind. When I'm there, all I'm focused on is working out.
  4. Because you fall for it everytime. You're her Little Ceasers, it's something safe to fall back on if the number one option isn't open. Make a stand and don't let her back in your life.
  5. So you broke up with her for having friends? That's way over dramatic.
  6. Trying to get back together is just going to delay your recovery time. Cut contact all together and move on. Life will go on and you'll find someone else. I'd bet it's safe to say everyone on this forum has gone through something very similar I know I did. It sucks for a little while but you'll get over it.
  7. I think it's a little over the top to consider breaking up with him over a different view of opinion on something that once it happens it won't matter. Most traditional vows are 'til death do us part. After death its over, you are free to do what you wish. I think it's selfish of you to expect him not to move on with his life. I'm not offended by your opinion (so many cry babies out there these days) and you're free to have one. I just disagree with it.
  8. It sounds like you overreacted. Though your moms reasoning could have been better. Just deleting it was the proper choice. Also, coaches and scouts check (good) players Facebook pages usually every Sunday morning. Looking for pictures of parties and stuff like that you are tagged in. If they saw that every time a game didn't go the way you wanted it, they are going to see you as a poor sport. Expressing yourself is great, but try to be positive about it. And at the very least keep the profanity out of it, it dumbs everything down. As a former player and then later as a coach, passion is great
  9. Some people you need to be blunt with. Most people actually as it gets your point across clear. Tell him that - you aren't cheating on him. It was a dream, get over it. If you can't get over it this relationship will go nowhere and we can end it now. Don't try to defend what you did in his dream. His feelings are that of a 5 year old who woke up during a bad dream and is afraid to go back to bed.
  10. Working breed 12 to 14 weeks old usually. A toy breed closer to 18-22ish. (They have alot smaller bladders) With that being said. The dog should only be in the kennel when it can't be supervised. It needs to be out exploring (be a pup) As for how long - it varies from dog to dog. The more it's out of a kennel the better it will get. Let it explore. When it gets into something give it a stern no. No is the first command most dogs learn. Then go in baby steps. After it's potty trained. Kennel for a week while your at work, then a puppy proofed kitchen with a baby gate for a week or two. I
  11. Agreed, she is already pursuing another guy while dating you. She even said she wants to see where it goes or what happens. You are her backup. I admire her honesty in a way I suppose telling you your number 2 essentially. That's messed up. Even stranger of you to stay with her.
  12. What you should do is tell her to peace out. Your her second choice! Your shouldn't be demanding her to do anything. Just tell her it's not working out and the relationship is over. Even if you do "demand" her to stop. Either she's just going to do it behind your back. Or look at you like a fool. Hate to break it to ya, but this relationship is going nowhere.
  13. Well, right after the interview I thought it went pretty good. Then of course I started over thinking everything and started questioning myself. I had 2 interviews each with 2 supervisors. The first interview I feel went really well, it was with the production supervisor (which would be my direct supervisor) and a office man. It was directly job related and my qualifications. At the end one of the questions I asked was about the start date. He told me I will get plenty of time to give notice and that he wouldn't want to leave my current employer high and dry (referred to them by name) which
  14. Explain that to him, tell him you can handle them being out with a group of friends. But one on one at the gym is a deal breaker. But staying calm is key. Getting worked up and yelling gets you no where.
  15. I don't think your wrong for being upset. It's inappropriate to be in contact with an ex unless you have kids or something of that nature. I would confront him in a calm manner. But be prepared for the you invaded my privacy backlash.
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