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  1. The things we do for love huh? Well, a frank discussion with her should be in the cards. I would bring to her an outline of what the overhead is, what it costs to run your household, and then ask her to help. Since you make most of the money, and don't mind paying for things, all you're really appearing to desire is effort here to contribute. The whole child support issue is tricky, but you've been in the picture long enough to know "how tricky" it is with which father. If they can be nudged, then ask her to do that. If she's working and if she gets a tax return, that money really should
  2. What you need to do is change from thinking about "will he ever realize what he threw away" to "will I ever learn not to throw myself away by giving something beautiful to someone who doesn't appreciate it." At this point, it shouldn't matter about what your ex thinks, and continue your healing process so you don't make the same mistake twice. There ARE men out there who will cherish you and take those affections of yours that you're so generous with, and treasure them.
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