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Old Friend came back into my life and then just dissappeared!


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I was wondering if any ladies in here could offer some adivice on a situation I am going through with an old friend. We have known each other for a few years. She worked in a bar I used to frequent. We became quite goods friends over the past few years and there was an obvious attraction between us that seemed to become apparant only in the past year. When we first met she was single, I often tried to get her to go out with me but she would always refuse saying she does not date customers. As time went on we became more flirty and would have long chats and got to know each other well. Then I went through a period at work where I was very busy and did not go to the pub much over a few month period. When I returned I found out she had a boyfriend.


Back in September last year she was working and I was drinking at the bar. She finished early and sat with me until close. We then were both invited back to a friends house for drinks. We stayed a few hours, pretty much spent the whole night on the sofa chatting. We ended up back at mine and kissed and almost slept together but she left as she was freaked out because of her BF. I never saw here again after that. I went to the pub the following week and was told that she had quit. I sent her a message asking why she never said goodbye and she never replied.


So last month I get a few messages in the early hours. I was asleap, so replied the following morning and she told me she had spllit with the BF and that she wanted to meet up. We met the following week and ended up back at mine, we had a pretty amazing night and following day. We also booked a weekend abroad in 3 weeks. She left that evenign, texted me later that she had really enjoyed the night and would chat soon.


We never spoke for a few days as I was busy at work. I did text her to say happy valentines and she replied the same. We next arranged to meet last friday. We were supposed to spend the day together but come 2pm (she finished work at 3) and I not heard from her. I texted to ask what time she was ready and she replied she had to cancel as she was asked to babysit at the last minute for her sister. We re-arranged for this tuesday. Later that night she texts me asking "will you be there in half an hour" I replied "where" to which she replies that the text was not meant for me but her Ex. (It turns out the ex has not moved out yet and was helping babysit as she had to stay late at work). Anyway I replied that I felt a bit rubbish getting that message considering she was supposed to see me. She replied that I shoudlnt feel bad and explained the situation.


Over last weekend she liked a few facbook posts I made but we never spoke. On monday I messaged her to see if we were still on for Tuesday and she said she was. Then on tuesday she completley ignored me. I waited until 3pm and never heard from her so sent a message saying "Should I make other plans today?" . I called a few times and she never picked up. Then a a few hours later I sent a long message saying that I was worried and could she just let me know that she is ok. They were facebook mesages and I could see that she never even bothered to read them, its now thursday and she still has not read them!! I know she is ok as later that night she started posting things on facebook.


Can anyone enlighten me to the female brain in this situation? It is all so odd. I mean were old friends and she is a nice person, just standing me up like that seems so weird. Also with our holiday planned in 3 weeks its all soo strange. It hurts too as I have always had feelings for her!





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Maybe her boyfriend did her in? Not being facetious either... he could easily have access to her facebook and be adding things to make it look like its her. O.o ... or not!


I suggest you call her work and see if she's in now or been in and if she has, then she's obviously returned to her ex (or never actually ever left him) and being the horrible person that she obviously is, has ghosted you.

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