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The book The Journey from abandonment to healing should be a mandatory read

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I have heard about this book asince my very first break up at 19 years old, I was on Enotalone and several members suggested it and referred to it as the break up bible. I have seen it mentioned dozens of times and I always ignored it despite other members talking about how amazing and life altering it was to read it. I'm now 31 years old (and still on ENA lol ) and I finally decided to give this book a try after my break up which was NOT getting better for me emotionally and my God I wish I did this sooner.


This book seriously prepares you not only on calming down and moving forward appropriately but preparing in the right way for your future partner. If any of you are seriously 'stuck' I highly suggest this book.


Are there any other classics like this? Power of now is another one.

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I'm definitely ordering this book after work today, thank you for the suggestion!


Now i've ordered it too thanks for your enthousiasm!


Glad to have helped. I hope you got it from half or ebay its like $4 or so on there. I think there's a free version online as well but not sure.


I suggested the book to my single friend who is a relationship counselor and even she loved the book and said she wish she read it earlier in her life.

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Thanks for the reading suggestion knbcoop77. I'm about halfway through Susan Elliot's book- it's really good for looking right back at your life, not just your recent breakup.


"It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken" is quite a good read if anyone wants a lighter / funny book to help them (it's aimed at women but I'm sure men can read it too).

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