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  1. Yes We are two people who are chalk and cheese. I dont get her and she doesnt get me. I found no common ground with her whats so ever but i do not wish her any harm. Shes struggling as am i with separate problems. I dont dislike her at all and i hope shes happy in life. I just dont like to feel awkward especually where i live
  2. Air freshner sprays trigger my asthma so o cant use them sadly. I was thinking an odor eatter but they are really expensive
  3. I used to work with autistic children and had to do courses in order to support them
  4. I wouldnt say i dont like her she just rubs me up the wrong way. she was rude to me by shutting me down when i was telling her my problem. Ive listened to hwr problems and helped her out quite a lot but she cant even listen to mine once .
  5. True. Whether shes autistic or not has no relevance to this at all. I guess i was just trying to make sense of why she acts the way she does. We are just chalk and cheese.
  6. I guess i am affraid of feeling on edge and this in turn taking the enjoyment out of me living in my home. I dont want hostility i dont want any bad vibes at all. But i also want to be able to sit outside and not feel on edge when she pulls up in her car. Or to meet in the corridor and me to feel awkward. I am glad that shes no longer a friend as i dont want to listen to her problems or have to help her anymore but i also dont want her to be nasty with me either.
  7. The smell is like nothing ive ever smelt before. I have tried to describe it to my homeless friend, he thought i was over exadurating until he came to visit and now he can see why its so distressing for me. The only smell ive smelt that smells similar to it is: i went to my fridge and there was some halloumi sitting in a packet in its own water, it had gone out of date and was sweating in the packet. She smellt similar to that. Both her and her boyfriend stink. Even When they are outside you can smell them! I think its a mixutre of uncleanleness and bad diet and bad living. I dont no but i d
  8. She was on my facebook but ive blocked her. You cant block someone from where you live though unfortunately. I will feel awkward now just walking past her. I have to pass hers every time i go out the main door. On alot of occassions i have to go down and open the front door to get the awful smell out of the hallway becasue its seeping into my flat as the smell is really strong and as shes in real close proximity to me. To be honest ceasing communication would be a good thing. Its going to be awkward if i see her chatting to my neighbour who i get on with though. As he will wonder why im n
  9. Not sure if this is the right topic area to post this but i have a problem with a neighbour. I think this neighbour has autism or some learning difficulties as she seems to say things to rub me up the wrong way and she doesnt realise. The other night i was trying to help another friend of mine who has just been made homeless. Its been a huge strain on me as this homeless friend has been contractually paid to do some work on my home repairs but cant as hes homeless. Anyway this neighbour messaged me at 11.30pm asking for help as she has lost her house keys. I messaged back and said your
  10. Have you every heard about a white noise machine? Its used to drown out noise from neighbours or external noises. You can also get an app on your phone that plays white noise or other noises at night continually, that can help drown out noises ftom neighbours. If your neighbour is having parties in lockdown maybe report him. Hes putting alot of people in danger including you
  11. Your not doing yourselves any favours here. You get curious but every time you do it your setting yourself up for alot of pain. You have to start putting yourself first and stop looking. I find it really odd that his friends would just say they hated you, there has to be a reason here. People dont just go around saying that for nothing, and especially large groups of people. Why did he tell you this? Maybe he said some things to them about you, or maybe he made it up as a way of controlling you? Either way its not nice
  12. You have no contract of sorts but cant you talk to her and agree to meet in the middle. Maybe one months rent? You both lose out that way but in this situation you will both need to make a sacrifice to help each other
  13. I think in most places its just a case of your face doesnt fit For what ever reason. Could be personality clash or the other person they click with more. Its the same in every establishment . Try to focus on your ability and not those of others and if they dont chose you then try not to take it personally its part of life . There could be other companies that prefer you over the other tech. Maybe you dont have as much experience as that person? Who knows but you could drive yourself mad trying to work it out . Concerntrate on you and bettering yourself. I think this is the most rewarding thing
  14. It's not the tenants decision its his landlords. The tenant has told me he will stop using it at 5am, but im meeting with the landlord to arrange having it changed. I've brought a realy quite one it was only £2.99 And i will get it fitted soon.
  15. I feel your pain,Whether your a good sleeper in general or you suffer with sleep issues if a noise is loud enough it will keep you awake or wake you up. I dont think that it requires looking into to find out why you get woken up its normal.
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