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  1. My kids think you're a douche. I wish I had the mind of my 8 year old daughter and I would've figured you out sooner... And yes, your balls are saggy, your breath stinks and the sex was crap in the last few months. I hope your next victim treats you with the disdain you deserve. You didn't deserve us.
  2. That's a bit harsh He didn't actually say anything about anyone actually cheating Anyway, suckafolove, you sound like an intelligent guy and you do seem to have feelings for her. But reading what you said about being cool with her when you were messaging her, she's probably really confused about how you feel and what she wants. You've told her the truth, now give her some space to process it.
  3. Hi James, is there anything that's happened in particular in the last couple of days to make you feel like this? Also, it's a good thing that you don't want to jump into a relationship with anyone you meet. Save yourself for someone special.
  4. That's good that you can feel positive about being single. There's a lot to be said for being happy in your own space. Please maintain NC though. You may be getting to a point where you might suddenly buckle out of the blue. It's still hard where you are but you've come this far and don't want to get back to square one.
  5. I know, I get what you're saying. I'm still angry with myself and sad about suddenly not having him in my life. Despite what happened and despite it not being 100% perfect, it was good for the most part.
  6. You are going to drive yourself crazy. Sorry to ask but have you ever suffered from anxiety before? It makes you feel sick and panicky when something traumatic like this happens. If you think you may have it, please talk to a doctor or look up help online- it'll help you feel like you're more in control of your life. Also, if you were your ex, would you be more interested in reconciliating with a cool, calm guy that's capable of giving her some space or a panicky, suffocating guy? I'm not guaranteeing she'll come back to you but you'll not help yourself or the situation if you don't tak
  7. Yeah fair enough. I didn't throw the glasses one after another though- that makes me sound crazier than I already am. I've considered mailing him some money to replace the items. That's the very least I can do.
  8. I think I've cooled down a lot since. I was obviously not thinking straight when it all happened. I'm just so shocked with myself. It's all so sudden.
  9. Hi, my behaviour was inexcusable and deplorable. I've never acted like that before. I'm just trying to make sense of what happened. And I definitely wouldn't blame him for not wanting to speak to me again.
  10. Hi rose1234, sounds like you're in a crappy place. And it's totally natural to question your part in the ending of a relationship. Maybe communication could've been better between you two- your fear of starting an argument meant that you ended up bottling up your problems when they could've been dealt with. But there's nothing wrong with that- most of us do that. You can learn from that and take it forward. No relationship is perfect and most of the time they fail when neither party is 100% at fault so please be kind to yourself and stop blaming yourself. Just take this time out to
  11. Please stay away from this man. Any man who is genuine and respectful would stay away from someone your age. I don't want to sound patronising but please listen to everyone's advice. You will look back at this situation one day and be glad you did.
  12. It is scary. That is a totally understandable feeling. I can't guarantee she'll come back but leaving her alone will help by one of two ways- it gives her the space to work out that she loves you. Or, it gives you the space to accept what's happened and to live your life. Someone in another thread told me to not touch the frying pan whilst it's still hot. That was really helpful in helping me to see that I need to let things cool down before I iniate anything. Just because she's blocked you etc doesn't mean she won't be thinking about you. Unless she's a robot, she'll still have feelin
  13. Do the kindest thing and end it. She can probably sense that you're not that into her anymore so put her out of her misery. But do it kindly and not cowardly.
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