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Two guys, a girl and one big problem! HELP!!

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Well, there are these two guys I like. Michael Sage and Cameron Stark. I just dumped my boyfriend so I vould be able to tell people how much I like these two guys. I think I'm seriously obsessed with both of them. lol I don't know which one to pick. Michael has a boat and I only get to see him when he's at his boat. Cameron goes to my school. I really like both of them a lot but Michael treats me the best. I get more attention from Mike but I think he only likes me as a friend. We don't get to see each other very much but he's great. Is there any way I can find out if Mike really likes me? Cam is an ex-boyfriend of mine and I think I blew it with him. I don't know what to do... it's so confusing! HELP ME PLEASE!!!! 0X *Colbey*

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You are very sad. You need to grow up quick, fast, and in a hurry, because playing these two guys is not a very wise thing to do. Eventually it will catch up with you.Heres some advice : write down the pros and cons of bot Mike and Cam. Which one do you truly like the best?better yet, which one do you mostly feel you could spend the rest of your life with?Hurry up and decide before you get caught and there will de serious problems!


Good Luck!

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Hi Micheron,


First of all welcome to eNotalone.com and thank you for coming to us for seeking advice. I am pleased to hear that you're doing pretty good. Underneath your lines I see a happy young woman. I understand that you like two guys and that you're trying to find out which one you'd like to date.


My suggestion is that you go out on a date with both of them. Now that you're single, there is nothing wrong with that. You can go out on dates as much as you want to. Just make sure that you don't start to lead on either of them and give them the impression that you're dating them and/or that you are their g/f (yet). There is always time for being a g/f later on. Get to know them. That will give you an idea of who you might like best. I also would advice you to write down your needs and your expectations out of a relationship. It helps you defining what you like best!


I hope that this helps you and I wish you good luck in your future! The future is all yours


~ SwingFox ~

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