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My Man Cries Everytime I Make Love To Him

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Be thankful, while it may not be the most common thing I think it really shows the extent to which this man cares for you.


Some men, myself included, are very sensitive. We're just born like that. In my case, I think it's because I'm French, and a Libra .


Anyway, enough of tooting my own horn.


Just be thankful you have a wonderful man who cares for you, and while what he does is not common, I don't really see a problem.


Happy holidays.

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although not common, it is still considered a typical reaction. Sexual arousal is controlled by some of the same chemicals/hormones in your body as other emotions..happy...sad...etc...


crying during or after sex is just his body's way of expressing the intense feelings he has for you. It's actually a wonderful thing that he can express himself that way and be comfortable with it.

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Dont have a clue why he would be crying or maybe its low self esteem of lack of confidence that it might be too good to be true. my opnion, if its good then enjoy yourself and do the same for your partner. extreme emotions can and might be a turn off for the other or kill your sex drive. you sound like a hell of a woman. supporting your family and taking care of your man. you have sex every night and everymorning. thats every mans dream. now that i think about it, i would probably cry too.

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my ex had tears one time after sex ...at first i thought something was wrong and that i hurt her, but then looking into her eyes you can see how happy i made her at that moment...To read about a man doing that is really nice...you are lucky to have a man like that and the way he makes sure dinner is on the table and the house is clean...I find that to be really cool to read about.

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If they're tears of joy, then that can only mean one thing, he cares about you. He's seeing how ur making him feel comfortable. Sex is very sacred and is to be taken with respect and seriousness. I dunno how will I react when I someday get marry and do that deed, I guess I would kinda shock, surprise, nervous I dunno.

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