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help me! i can't stop!

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hey guys! i have posted part of my story in here before but i really need help right now! i am doing nc w/ my exboyfriend. The problem is I know the code to his cell phone voicemail and his email. I can't stop checking either one of them. I know this is wrong but i can't help it. Can someone please give me some advice. I know this is also making it harder for me to move on. Everyday I say I won't do it anymore and then my curisosity gets to me. Please help! thanks!

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I did the same thing w/ my ex-boyfriends e-mail, until eventually i got fed up with it...i changed his password on his e-mail so he couldn't get into it anymore. thereforeeee he made a new one...end up story. u have to take it a day at a time. obviously you have nothing better to do if your checkin his messages right? this is one of those habits that you can't really stop cold turkey. just next time you think your going to do it...stop and think. one option is to let him know that you know his codes...although you likely would not want to do that. you know you COULD stop...but you probably don't want to. What are you looking to find?

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lol why should u let him know you have the passes to his accounts and things, that will make him think ur a buggy person. I will leave you with this, print it or write it down and put it on stickys everywhere


"Just cause you can do something, doesnt mean its right"


You can do it, but that doesnt make it right at all, just keep that in mind, that stopped me messaging and callin my ex!

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tell him you are a snake!


Not appropriate!


That said, I think you know it's wrong, and no one else should be held responsible for making you stop. You have willpower, now it's time to use it.


It won't look good if he somehow finds out that you've been snooping through his personal life. You are an ex and checking his messages will accomplish nothing. If anything, it will only make it more difficult for you to move on. What if there is a message from another girl? It's not like you can tell him you know. Not only that but it's irrelevent. You are his ex.


Just start exercising some restraint. It's just bad news all around.

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