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I will START small..... ADVICE i guess

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my name is (jason) notsurewhattodo, and if you are a regular member of this forum then you already know who i am and my history.


i have written some explosive and drawn out posts in the past and if you read them you have felt my pain.


i could write an entire novel on my current situation but i will not, i will give you the very basic details then i will let your questions be my guide.


i met this woman after returning from maine (previous topics) and we initially have met on the phone not in person, and before i could meet her she went west.


we continued talking for a while before she came back and i couldnt get her out of my head. there is a TREMENDOUS amount of background info i am leaving out for now.


needless to say i have known her for a little more then two months and in that time have fallen in love with her, i will post a FULL account of the time we have been near each otehr on a later date.


this woman seems to care for me very deeply, but she also spends time with other men as well, we have never defined our relationship as being a couple, but we are sexually active on a very frequent basis (once a night)


i started to fall in love with this woman after some events in my life which we will get into later on, and have since felt very strongly about her.


i firmly believe that her history and our time together has generated some feeings for me from hewr, but she has never confirmed this.



i am 26 years old and she is 21 and i have a 3 year old daughter.

she has told me that hse wants to settle down in two years with marriage and two kids by 23.


i am continously in great emotional pain when she sees other men and continues to see me, i wouldnt call it jealousy but it hurts and even at times can completely distract me form other things.


there is an overwhelming amount of background info to talk about, but i wanted the basics out first.


i have told this woman that i love her and want to be with her, and she has never given me an answer.


im not a child but i do love her very much and want her with me. i have done enormous things to make my life suitable for her and hava also done almost everything i can think of to let her see how i feel.


please just fill this with your comments, and i will answer any questions you have


god bless all the lonely people during this holiday season, may your heartys be filled with the love of christ (if that is your belief)


ill check back soon



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