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I ended up with his w2

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What a surprise to get home and be looking through the mail and there's his w2. We've been broken up 2 years !!!!! I don't recall getting it last year. He is now broken up with the girl he moved in with 3 weeks after our breakup ( but she still lives there because she has nowhere to go, no way to get there). I promptly called a mutual friend who came and got it bc my ex needs it ASAP. That was the best way to handle it, but it made me a little ill. Why? Well, I did the right thing .....but I could have marked return to sender, thus causing him delays. I could have thrown it in the garbage ( I know......spiteful). I didn't even get a simple thank you. I didn't expect him to contact me and say it, but as far as I know, he didnt even tell the mutual friend " hey, tell her thanks". To me, it's common human courtesy. Especially when the other person never did you harm. Just wanted to vent. I feel better now

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