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being a Christian

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I am a Christian and have be en for almost 7 years. I have be backsliding for the last couple of years. I feel that I am too lazy to do anything about it but at the same time I know that if I don't that there will be consequences....ie) a poor relationship with God. Is anybody in the same boat and how did you get out of it?

Sometimes I just want to say 0X to all the Christians who try to tell me what I am doing wrong, but I know that they are right.

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When you accept christianity as a way of life you accept of life continual struggles because it is something you are always working on becoming. You never achieve finality. That doesn't mean you don't try to become a better person and live a better life, but the struggles of life make it very difficult.


When you choose that life you choose to de different in most regards and it causes tremendous pressures as you see others 'get by with things'. DOn't let life get you down... Hang in there.....


Never give up...

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Yep when u accept The Lord as your personal savior he puts you through number sof test


Trials and Tribulations...It says in the bible...but yeah im a slacker when it comes to readin gmy bible and doing what it says and i have a bestfriend who is the one who brought me to knwo Christ as my personal savior , but she drives me nuts sometimes. Shes God her own problems as well...Like The Lovely drug ( Marjauna)...And having sex ( before marrige)...More over its with the PAsturs Son...


So yess mamm i know where ur comin from on this...God Loves to Test us and see if we are following his word....Its hard and ( iN tImE) we will get it right ...


keep your head up and dont do anything stupid!

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I had that same problem a few years ago too. I grew up a Christian, and I started to loose my way when I was in my Junior year of HS. I kept backsliding so much and got into some really bad things (heavy drugs, drinking everynight, sex with random girls, fighting, and all sorts of other things). This went on for a couple years, until I was just turning 21. During that time I had just started to date my current g/f, and she was also a Christian. She had also gone through some of the same things (sex and alcohol) but had broken that cycle a year before we met. She said the best things she did for herself was to just keep going to church, admitting to God the sins that she made, and made a conscious decision to put her effort into not making those same mistakes. So needless to say I started to go back to Church as well, and have also admitted to my sins and have done my best to stay away from those situations (I don't do drugs, drink on occasion but not to get wasted, only have sex with my g/f, and appreciate all that I have). I know how you feel about wanting to let other Christians to just back off, especially since many Christians have a different view on what a "good relationship with God is." What should be really important to you is how you feel your relationship with God is, and not try to live to other peoples standards. Some people think that you have to go to Church everyday to get a good connection, while others believe that as long as God is in your heart you can worship anywhere, not just in Church. In my view neither one of those people is wrong, but they will fight with each other on who is right.


A great relationship with God starts in your heart. Only you can tell yourself how good your relationship with Him is, no one else.

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hey babes i totally understand where you're coming from im a christian too and going through a time in my life where i just cant be bothered with it and keep rebelling against it. I belong to a church which my family have been going to for as long as i can remember. I havent been to church for months coz where i work has changed my contract to work while its on (which i am sorting out). But anyways i just feel really out of touch with God, Luckly friends from my church keep asking me to meetings and social events which has kept me faith buring inside me. Juat be strong sweetheart I know its hard but the only way you are gonna get back into it is forcing yourself to do it, dont slip away, you are precise and God loves you no matter how far away from God you feel, he is always with you.I know its cheesy but i find just putting some christian music on lifts my spirts high. Hope some of this is helping. Keep going and well done for not totally going 0X to God. Look to him and he will give you strength. God bless love me xxxxxxx

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I have been there too.


I was raised in a strict christian home, no TV, no radio, no cutting our long hair, no pants for us girls, only skirts, church 4 times a week.


God did not intend us to have to try and be perfect. IF WE WERE PERFECT WE WOULD BE GOD!!!!


I am no longer affiliated with that religion. I know, I know christians think that christianity is not a religion and the only way to god. I've never quite believed that one religion has the rights to god.


I have been through to many things in my life to count or comment on, some brought on by me and some by others, but I will tell you I have lived. If you have read some of my post you know.


After all I have seen in this world, I understand the want to do the next right thing, and that is all god expects us to do. Goodness is what is love, being humble, helping others, and giving of ourselves when we might not want to.


Not bow down and do silly things. We serve others; help them when we can, try to be the best human being we can be, but after all we are only human.


Now I am not saying go out and do bad things because after all god has to forgive, but please as a recovering Christian, don't think that god is going to strike you down for swerving off the path.


If you truly believe, you know that no matter what you do god will always love you and he is always there for those who seek him.


You don't have to try to be perfect. Stop doing it, and no matter what those crazy Christians think, like you know the ones, the ones who take the bible literally and verbatim, just know that you don't have to be like them and you can still have a relationship with god.


And here's a kicker for you, my grandfather was a Christian preacher and I have attended I think every Christian conference in the northern Midwest.


I know today that god is whatever I imagine him/it/her to be. No one truly knows and if you think you do know what god is, hmm you are a little vain.


So to all, keep your faith belief and love, especially for yourself. You are all you've got, treat others and yourself good!





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in all the posts when people say there are a christian the next sentence or so they are self-defeating and sound really guilty


I am telling you if that's your way of life, that's cool but hey you don't have to live like that. Feeling guilty all the time.


And yes you will still go to heaven.


People have truly ruined GOD with religion.



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oh and one more thing,


my sister goes to that church occasionally still, she is 21, and she told me things i can't believe from such "christian"people


like some of the members in line to be an elder just can't wait for the elders to die so that they can take their spots after they pass.


one of the "christians" who ran a strict christian camp was caught with freaking porn at the camp where there are hundreds of kids there every year


and the list goes on that is scary..

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some Christians have given christianity a bad name, but the beliefs it is founded upon are good. we're not supposed to be perfect. the resurrection makes it ok for us to be human. god forgives and loves all. life is hard sometimes and there are tricky questions, but there are good explanations for them from a biblical perspective..and it takes some faith. if you ever wanna find pretty good explanations for some tough quetsions, check out this site:

link removed or just type stuff in search engines. read the word and pray..God will see you through it.


take care all

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i too am a christian and it is hard not giving into things that you shouldn't, but a strong relationship with God will help you overcome them!


and in reply to the girl who said christianity shouldn't be allowed to claim God: the bible clearly states the Christian God is the only God, so take it or leave it, in the end everyone is going to have to answer for him/herself


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I just have so many questions.. and concerns about my beliefs. And to compound the problem.. my mom is sick with cancer and needs prayers right now. yet, I feel guilty praying because of all of these questions and doubts.


So, I COMPLETELY feel your pain!!!!!!


Thank you for responding. THERE IS A GOD! Although I struggle, I know he does or doesn't do things for a reason, and many many times we don't understand. NEVER feel guilty praying. I know what you mean when you say that, because I feel it too, when I haven't done anything for God, and then I ask him to protect my husband or something like that. But God doesn't see that as a bad thing! Just on another note, dating an athiest.......not helping. But thank you for responding!

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Here are some questions.. maybe you can answer:


If there is a God, why does he give good people diseases?


If you can only go to heaven when you believe in Jesus, what about the jewish, buddhist, pagan, indians, muslims... etc?


Why would God act like a child and be spiteful?


Why is it that EVERYONE and his brother heard voices from God in the biblical times, but no one does now?


If God really wanted us to believe in him, why not show himself? Or some proof of existence?




These are just a few questions.... and please don't tell me "You just need to have faith" because that isn't an answer. These are hardcore questions that I think need to be answered honestly. Because we all were taught the same thing.. and some of us are now beginning to question it's validity.

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I'll try to answer with the best of my knowledge.


If there is a God, why does he give good people diseases?


God shouldn't be blamed for diseases and things of that nature. God doesn't hurt people just to do it, God tries to teach people through example. I'm sure your reffering to your mom right now, but if a lesson could be learned from this, then it should be learned not put to the side because you feel it's unjust that your mom is sick and God isn't helping her. God doesn't give disease's, He gives hope.


If you can only go to heaven when you believe in Jesus, what about the jewish, buddhist, pagan, indians, muslims... etc?


Well the Bible says the only way to heaven is through Jesus, so accordingly those people who choose to not believe and not have Jesus in thier heart has a place reserved for them in Hell. Now remember God doesn't send people to Hell to punish, people choose to go to Hell by not believing. God gave humans the freedom of choice, and it's because of that freedom we are able to sin and able to not believe. God only grants eternal life to those who choose to believe in Him as their savior, everyone else will be burnt away in Hell until their soul is no more (that's why the Bible says perish in flames, not live eternally in torture).


Why would God act like a child and be spiteful?


This goes with the same question above. God isn't the one being spiteful and acting childish, it's humans that act that way. God only wants to save, and wants to see every human in heaven by his side. God doesn't want to loose souls to Hell, He wants all the souls of humans to be happy and free. God takes no pleasure in hurting people or making them feel like "it's all Gods fault that things are going wrong", God makes changes in our lives to teach us how to be stronger.


Why is it that EVERYONE and his brother heard voices from God in the biblical times, but no one does now?


It's harder for people now to "hear and see" God because people don't "truly" believe as much as the people in the Bible. It's sad, but true. Most "christians" think that by going to church a couple times a year, praying every now and then, and being kind is what it is to be christian. But being Christian is being Christ-like, in which we need to be less selfish with ourselves and more giving to one another. People in the past had no problem doing this, and most were "guided" by God to spread his Word. It still happens today, but it's more rare than it was in the past. My future brother in-law (yes my g/f and I talk about marriage) had a "vision" from God during his Senior year at College. He was going to play Pro Baseball (since he broke 15 school records while playing, and was scouted by many agents) but God had a different plan for his life. God told him that playing ball wasn't what he should be doing right now, and he should be spreading the Word to the people that needed to hear it. He's been out of college for a year now, and has been working hard towards becoming a missionary and hopefully starting a church in LA. Although he misses playing ball, he just says that he will play in heaven after his work is done.



If God really wanted us to believe in him, why not show himself? Or some proof of existence?


God already "showed" himself once with Jesus. If/When God shows himself again it would be to "end" the world. If your waiting for God to "show" himself to prove He exists, when he does it will be too late. It's human nature to not want to accept what can't be proven, but with God you just need to give up that mentality and just believe. If you want proof why not realize that everyday when you wake up God has given you the ability to live for another day. Why not realize that when you go to sleep God was with you the whole day keeping you safe and alive for another day. I know that I don't need anymore proof that what God has given me. The event that made me realize this was when my younger brother was hospitalized. He was jumped by 12 guys, who took turns stomping his head into the cement. When I arrived to the scene, the police said they needed to airlift him to the nearest hospital, but he may not even make it to the hospital. At the hospital I was told the same thing, that he may not even live through the night and if he does he will have sever brain damage. He didn't know who he was, who our parents were, or anything else that whole night. We got together and prayed, and just asked for help (it's all you can really do in a time like this). The next day he woke up with no brain damage at all, his swelling and scars were almost gone, and he felt fine. Even the doctors were amazed at his immediate recovery. They said it wasn't even possible for scars and bruises to heal as fast as his did, but there was no denying that they were gone. It's been a year since that incident, and my bro is going to graduate from HS with excemplatory marks as well as live life with a perfectly working brain. If that's not proof for me, well then I'm looking to hard for an answer. I know God helped my brother, and my family during that time, so I don't need to keep looking for proof, since he gives it to me everyday when I wake up and know that I'm alive and that my brother is alive.


Well I don't know if I answered your questions or not, or if my answers will "work" for you or not. This is just what came to mind after reading your post and I thought I should share it. If these questions are bothering you then please go and meet with people to find the answers. Meet with some priests (not just one, so this way you can see how answers vary from person to person), meet with some people at church, meet with some people online. We are all taught the same thing, but that doesn't mean we interperet that information the same way. What could be a miracle to me, could just be a coincidnce for you. I know you don't want to hear it, but "you need to have faith" if you want to find those answers. Not just faith in God, but faith in yourself. [/u]

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Okay, I've got a questions:


1. Why is it necessary to follow God, pray to him etc., if we are already being good people and helping others?


I try to be a good person at all times. I'll go out of my way to help others and be nice to people. I do alot of volunteer work and I'm the community service officier for a group I'm a part of. Really, I'm happiest when I am doing something for others. I'm fair and don't unfairly judge others. I always take the time to get to know someone and hear there side of the story before I form an opinion. I wouldn't lie, cheat, steal, do physical or emotionaly harm to others, etc. Sure I'm not perfect, but I try my hardest to be a good person, the best I can be. But I don't believe in reading the bible, going to church or praying to God. Don't actions speak louder then words? Why spend an hour in church praying when I could be spending that hour volunteering and helping the less fortunate? Why would God allow me to go to hell just because I don't worship him as my savior when I'm doing everything he would want me to do anyways? What would be the Christian response to that?


So you know I was raised Catholic but I've grown to believe that you shouldn't just follow one religion. I've looked at various religions and have come up with the same basic themes that run through them all. Love, faith, respect, doing whats right, helping others, being kind and generous... the same things are common to almost all religions. If we focus on these things then it would be easier for people to get along and the world would be a more peaceful place. Instead people get to caught up in details and saying there religion is right, the rest are sinners who will go to hell. So I think as long as we are nice and help others, thats what really matters.

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Thanks Howtocope, I agree that the bible is just a blueprint. Its a guide, not the absolute word. Afterall, doesn't it say "an eye for an eye?" But like Ghandi said, that would just leave the world blind. You could point out the turn the other cheek saying but why the seeming contradiction? And the fact that there has been so many versions throughout the years and that it was translated from Latin(?) leaves room from errors or changes. I still agree with the basic teachings, just don't believe in alot of the details or specifics that some people seem to insist are completely true.


I thought of another question. Why would God want us to worship him anyways? From what I was taught Jesus was a very humble person. He was born in a barn, was the son of a carpenter, and associated with lepers and outcasts. I would assume God would be the same way. It doesn't make since that a being that humble would expect people to worship him. I actually think God would prefer it if we went out and helped people instead of singing about his glory. Think about it. I believe my aunts church has about 90 people a week and I know the church I used to go to was a lot bigger. If those 90 people spent an hour each Sunday volunteering that would be 90 hours of help a week for some worthwhile charity that could benefit a lot of people. When given the choice, I believe God would want us to be out in the world doing good, not singing hymns or taking bread.

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well, the whole premise of church and worship is a personal thing. attending church isn't a requirement to be a Christian. people attend church because it's almost like a form of meditation. it's a spiritual journey that's somewhat therapeutic. also, some people choose to attend to stop and take a break from their busy schedules and give God thanks. afterall, if you believe it, he did give humanity salvation. so God never said you have to attend church. it's a personal thing, just like volunteering..if you choose to, great..if you don't, oh well. god doesn't send anyone to hell, he offers a way out of it. for other questions, i suggest giving this site a look. it's pretty helpful. take care everyone, and msg me if you ever want to. see ya


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I also completely disagree that all of the other religions in the world are not going to heaven. If I grew up in the middle east, and I was taught my entire life about Muhammed and Allah... why would I believe in someone coming into my country telling me about this kid who was born to save us all? It wouldn't make sense!!


It is the same way that Americans tried to teach Indians about Christianity (This was AFTER they killed most of them for their land.. and for fun... yeah.. REAL Christian!!) Why would I believe a murderous clan of white men who have come to take my land?


See what I"m getting at? Why SHOULD we believe in Jesus? Why should people believe in Jesus who have never known Jesus? Just because a book tells us to? If that is the case, maybe we should all believe that War of the WOrlds really happened. I mean, it was written that it did.


I'm not saying this to be catty, or to make you NOT believe... these are all questions that I have. It just doesn't work for me that God, the all powerful creator of us all, would punish and be choosy as to who he allows in heaven. For instance.. Buddhist monks do NOTHING but devote their lives to good and the study of their selves and nature. Why would someone like this NOT be admitted to heaven? Just because they don't believe in Jesus? Seems a little unfair doesn't it?


Many people also take what they want out of the bible, or their religious teachings, and leave what they feel isn't important. Look at Waco, he had his own take on the bible.. or even the Al Queda. They read their teachings completely different from what it truly says. They read into the stories, and make them say what works for them. Who's to say that our religion doesn't do the same thing? I mean, it is in human nature to be selfish. Who's to say, that somewhere down the line, when things were translated, someone said. ."Well, Ours is the best religion.. so, I'm going to write that God said ONLY our religion is the way to go." Anything is possible.

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Okay your questions are understandable and the answers can be found with some research. Fist off, you should understand that most religions branched off from Christianity in the early 300's and on. Some of these religions started with a monk/priest/peasant having a vision that told them to do something different. I forgot which religion started this way (I know it's one of the eastern ones), but a monk had a vision of Gabriel (the angle) who told him to lead his people to believe in God, he just did it in a different manner.


Another thing to point out is the one God theory. When Christianity started, it was during a time when the Roman Empire was filled with Pantheon religions. These religions (such as Greek, Roman, German, and Egyptian) had a large amount of Gods they worshiped, pretty much a God responsible for everything that happened. Catholicism is the only religion that carried on this idea, but instead of Deities they worship Saints. The Saint belief was used to help convert the pagan believers into Christianity, by just replacing thier Deities with Christian ones.


Also with Church, like said before, it's not a requirement to do. It's someting that people do for various reasons. God never said if you don't go to Church and pray to Him everyday then you will be punished. remember being Christian means being Christ-like, so devoting your life and time to doing good is something that God does recognize.

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