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hey all, just wanted to see what u guys think...


So my ex and i broke up about 2 months ago, there was really no real reason except that she had to go to college and it will be a LDR for 6 yrs and it jus dint work out. But i couldnt get her out of my mind as she was perfect for me, so i was looking for somethin, anythin which would tell me that it wont ment to me, or its good that it happened, for my inner peace.


So surfing the net i came accross love compatibility, i am aries and she is scorpio, almost every site i checked they all said that u guys will be hot and passionate at first and then u'l have a lot of conflicts, basically it is hard for this relationship to work out. Made me happy then, but now im in a debate with myself.


Should we look at astrological compatibility when in a relationship? If i had looked at that b4 maybe i wudnt have given my 200% to the relationship and wudnt be as heart broken as i am now? I dono, should i look for that when i enter my next relationship?


let me knw wut you guys think jus from my perspective, but jus in general

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Well, it depends. I'm not a very superstitious person but I do like to read those things for fun. With my last ex, it said that we'd be good friends but not good in bf/gf relationship. It said that I was outgoing, fun to be around, but that he was too serious for me, very critical, and so on. A lot of what was on there was true. I don't know if I made my mind think that it was true and thereforeeee it was, or what. I wouldn't rely on them.


With your current ex gf, I would say to just move on from what's already happened. LDRs are hard, very HARD and you two are probably not stable enough yet to sustain the relationship. She's just starting college and college should be her focus right now, not the stress and heartache that comes with relationships in general.


Good luck to you and find ways to keep busy. You'll get over the relationship eventually!



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I think to some degree our signs can have some truth to them. My profile is usually pretty accurate (minus some differences) as are my ex's and the predictions of the relationships.


I am a Leo, and was incompatible with some of my past ex's signs..and it did prove true for the predicted reasons! My best matches are Leo's, Sagittarius and Aries..and this has proven true with friendships as well I noted..those I get along with best are usually in those three signs! My current man is a Leo, and it goes so well as we understand each other very well, though it does mean some spotlight sharing and we would have to be careful of pride, but there is mutual admiration and an understanding of how we think and operate I actually love it, as we do seem to have the same pattern of thinking and communicating which can really be beneficial! More so, it is just we know where we are coming from and how we see the world. And apparently, we are supposed to be a very hot couple, with admiration, understanding, passion and loyalty for one another...a lifelong love affair basically as long as we take care to not put pride in the way or be too stubborn (which are actually both things that I don't fully meet the Leo criteria for anyway so it should be alright!).


So yes, to a degree I think they can be accurate, but there are always variances and differences from reality to the sign's formula as well, and individuals are still individuals.

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i think its a bunch of crap. so everybody born in a certain time of year has the same personality? hmm...not buying it. logically...how does it make any sense?


love who you love


I don't think astrology means you have the same personality according to your sign, but that you share some character traits..which are also influenced by other astrological factors. And yes, you can love whom you love, as I have, but it does show that there are areas where you may conflict (ie water signs and fire signs may have problems as fire signs will feel their flames being put out a bit..it just means more understanding might be necessary on both sides

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astrological factors


what are these?i just dont think theres anything consistent. you can make up a bunch of traits for each group of people and sure it will be accurate sometimes by chance...but thats it. just doesnt make any sense to me i guess.


but hey, whatever works


Astrological factors would be the influence of different signs/moon phases/etc on your birth, not so much the making up factor. Some people believe in it, some don't..it does not really matter...but there are some things that also can't be explained by logic and that is what I go with. And sure you can make stuff up, but there are also some things that are more true from my experience with people for their signs than it would be for other people not in the same sign.

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i just dont get how you go from being born in april to meaning your stubborn (not sure if thats one, just throwing it out there) i just dont get the correlation there. howd they come up with this, did they put a bunch of traits in a hat and had somebody from each month sit around and pick out their traits. i just dont get it

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i just dont get how you go from being born in april to meaning your stubborn (not sure if thats one, just throwing it out there) i just dont get the correlation there. howd they come up with this, did they put a bunch of traits in a hat and had somebody from each month sit around and pick out their traits. i just dont get it


I am not sure "how" they decided it, astrology has been around for a very very long time already and in different forms too...the Chinese Zodiac for example goes more by the year of birth than the month. I imagine way back when they probably knew more about it than the general population does now.

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I don't believe in the astrology stuff either... I guess it's a statistical thing..


I can do some fortune telling too... >_>;; hardly ever fails but I stopped because I think people should stop looking at their future to decide on what they want to do now. What we do now leads to what'll happen in the future so there's no point of knowing them ahead of time.


IMO, I think people should only believe in astrology or fortune telling when it suits their needs. If you want the two of you to be successful and astrology says you'll be successful, great! use that as a motivation to keep working on the relationship. However, if it tells you you'll be unsuccessful then it's a bunch of BS and toss it aside then move on.


Besides.. there are a ton of cases where different astrology say different things... my bf and I for example.. all the Chinese astrology comes out telling us we're an awful couple and we'll never get along, blah blah blah... when western astrology tells us we're great and one of the most compatible dream couples out there. T_T It's pretty stupid... I thank those people who went and dug those out for me either to make me feel better about my relationship or to warn me about my relationship... but... still... I give those stuff no credit. Whether the two of us get along is for me to judge, not for random statistics or random astrology to judge.

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When u were born, all the plants and the sun and the moon had a perticular position.

These positions and how they move and what influence they have reletive to the position they had when u were born I THINK is what they call astrology.

Daily horoscopes r not accurate at all, hence peoples disbelief, not that im sayin i believe in it 100%. What they say bout me and my personality atleast 60-70% is true.

So i think it can be a wonderful thing if u take it lightly and jus c if somethin is tru..and if somethin is then u can work on it as Ray said.

hockeyboy, jus out of curiosity, what does urs and ur exes compatibily say, u can jus google it, and wut percent do u find accurate?

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I think if you want to believe in something bad enough then it can seem logical to you. You said that you were looking for a sign that you and your ex should be together and you found what you needed to find. People will use almost anything to justify their actions, a decision they made or even future actions. People as a whole want some sort of reassurance that what they are doing is correct. People should have enough confidence in their own decisions that they dont need to seek outside sources for some sort of justification.

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Like Ashik was, I'm currently in an Aries/Scorpio relationship, so I can understand how the various astrology information available about this type of match could make someone feel better after a break-up.


Anyway, I don't think astrology should be used to find a mate. While I find it interesting, and usually pretty accurate, I think you're limiting yourself by only letting yourself be with the types of people you "should" be with. That will keep you from some pretty satisfying relationships. After all, while the underlying themes are generally the same, you'll find different information about a particular match depending on where you look, so it's really not fair to search for a mate just because one resource says a particular sign is your "perfect" mate. I think we all know that we don't exactly fit our astrological profiles...


However, if you're in a relationship, I don't see anything wrong with reading about astrology's take on your particular strengths and weaknesses as a couple - you just might learn something about yourself, your partner, or your relationship. Plus it's fun. And if you read something good about your relationship, I certainly don't see any harm in that.

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