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What I really want this year..or soon at least!


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Well here goes a new year! Very excited. The last year was quite a bit of a turning point. Well the last couple years have been. Was divorced two years ago, and broke up with the girl I started dating after the divorice about 7 months ago. Besides those really low moments, and the feelings of lonliness from time to time, my life has really gotten more fulfilling. Have met some great friends and my career is going really well. Bought a house and moved to a new city not long after the divorce. Partly because of the ex-gf and partly because of the job. Even tho the relationship is over, I am glad I moved and I know it was the right decision. Miss my family that all lives in another state, but I have gotten a chance to go back a few times this year so that was awesome.


What I have learned about myself is that I really am much pickier now than I have ever been about girls. I am 32 and I know that time is continuing to move on, but I just don't want to date around. My mom says I should, but I just don't feel like it. Maybe it is fear of being hurt again, maybe it is just that I am not feeling it yet, but I do miss having somebody I have to say. But I am not going to let that feeling of lonliness that I feel at times make me jump into a relationship with somebody. This year (or soon) I want to fall in love again. Sometimes I wonder if I still believe in love like I used to, and I think the answer is I truly do. I want to meet a girl that is "my" perfect mate (flaws and all). I know I am a guy that has a lot to offer, but sometimes I feel insecure and don't know why. Guess it might be some of the things I went through, might be some of the things that happened as a child, but in the end I know that I deserve the kind of love that is AWESOME and that lasts! I miss doing sweet things for somebody and having somebody to do life together with. This year (or soon) I am believing that all that will come back to me again. In the meantime I am just going to continue to take one step at a time and put one foot in front of another and see where it takes me.


Thanks for listening and thanks for all the support you all have given me through some of the rougher days. Happy New Year to you all and may your upcoming year be full of the best days of your life!

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