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the guy i broke up with my bf for has decided e does not want a gf. im fine with this except hes still at my house everyday, im going to his familys for christmas he talks to his ex still but doesent hang out with her. he saus he loves being with me, he could see him self with me. i feel like im getting played but i dont know i know he has strong feelings for me, he dpesent want the commitment. hes all over me all the time he only hangs out with me, he acts like im his gf he gets upset when other guys call. whats going on?

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you are being used...a friend with benefits so to speak because you are allowing it. Stop inviting him over, or letting him in if he comes over on his own...he doesn't want what you want...so tel him to take a hike.


Why on earth if he isn't your BF anymore are you going to his parent's for christmas?

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sounds like u just need to stop all contact until he has sorted out what ever is on his mind, he's obviously not clear on what he wants and needs time to find the answers, i need to help him find the answers just but not letting him come over and dont just go running to him when he calls, if i really wants to be with u him will come to u. hope evrything works out for you, take care.

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